Innovative Transformation of Used Car Retailing Giant with TeroTAM’s Asset and Facility Management Solution

Staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal; it is a requirement in the dynamic and fiercely competitive world of used car sales. Here we are discussing, a powerful titan in this field, was all too aware of this requirement. This case study examines how their operational environment was altered by TeroTAM. It is a story of creativity, effectiveness, and the ability of technology to resurrect a successful company. 

Join us as we explore the tale of how TeroTAM enabled Used Car Retailing Giant  to overcome its obstacles and grow into an even more powerful force in the used car retailing sector.

Problem Statement:

One of the prominent players in the used car retailing platform, faced a series of major challenges in their asset and facility management processes. And the threat was, These challenges  might hamper their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction levels in near future.


Our client, who is the industry powerhouse in Used Car Retailing, discovered itself battling a plethora of operational challenges that were comparable to navigating a maze without a map. While on the discussion with their team, we found that their extensive inventory of tools, equipment, and auto parts was in disorder due to the absence of a systematic asset handling system, which resulted in ineffective resource management and maintenance. Asset audits were difficult to conduct, leading to an enigmatic twirl of missing assets among numerous large warehouses, resulting in losses of money and operational chaos.

The challenge of pinpointing the location of critical assets resembled a game of hide-and-seek, might result in exasperating delays in fulfilling customer orders that may go against the growth of the company in near future. Furthermore, the absence of a streamlined complaint and ticket management system left both customers and the internal team in a perpetual state of frustration, while the lack of an accurate escalation mechanism caused critical issues to languish unresolved. 

Also, the lack of a reliable maintenance schedule system sent them careening down a road full of unexpected failures and skyrocketing maintenance costs as their rivals raced ahead.


We, at TeroTAM understood the challenges and as a leading CMMS software solution provider, stepped in to address these challenges and transform operational bottlenecks with our asset and facility management solutions. 

Let’s check that out quick:

Systematic Asset Management:

TeroTAM introduced a structured asset management system that Categorized and cataloged all assets, including car parts, equipment, and tools, ensuring easy access, maintenance, and tracking.

User Defined Roles and Responsibility:

With our solution, we enabled the Use Car Retailer to define user roles and responsibilities, ensuring that the right personnel had access to the right asset and maintenance information and capabilities within the system.

Accurate Asset Tracking:

A comprehensive and effortless asset tracking system with QR scanning with any smartphone device, providing real-time information about the location and status of assets, down to individual car brands and models, and their replaceable parts.

On-point Asset Auditing:

Empowered by detailed reports and data-driven facts, Regular asset audits are now easily executable. Also, using TeroTAM’s features to ensure assets were well-maintained, accounted for, and in good working condition they managed to ensure the availability of well conditioned assets as and when it is needed.

Super Easy Ticket Generation System:

TeroTAM’s QR code-based ticket generation system simplified the process of reporting issues and requesting maintenance. Team members could attach photos and documents directly to tickets, streamlining the troubleshooting process.

Effortless Escalation Management:

The software facilitated efficient escalation by automatically routing critical asset and facility issues to the right personnel. This ensured prompt resolution, backed by comprehensive documentation and images.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling:

The solution implemented has the Preventive Maintenance module, enabling them to create preventive maintenance calendars for all assets and assign tasks to respective teams. Technicians and managers received timely alerts, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist:

QR scanning made it easy for technicians to access preventive maintenance checklists for different departments and various assets, ensuring comprehensive and standardized maintenance procedures.


The business of Used Car Retailing is a vast business surrounded with lots of Asset handling and maintenance of many facilities that plays a significant role in their operations. Without a systematic approach to all these operations, the chaos is quite natural. Sooner or later, Identified or Not identified, but a business in such an industry will come to the need of an approach that systematizes all these bottlenecks.

TeroTAM’s comprehensive CMMS solution brought about a significant transformation in the market leader of Used Car Retailing industry, with the asset and facility management processes as discussed in this case study. Want to know more about it or You belong to the same set of challenges in your business? – Let’s talk and find the most impactful solution for your business.