Total Asset Management Software Features

TeroTAM is the perfect asset management tool that's flexible and can be customized for specific business requirements so that all of your assets can be managed and tracked efficiently. This management and tracking platform has the ability to streamline all of the processes like facility management, calibration tracking, equipment support, and compliance. Its unique system allows you to configure for specific needs and then can be readjusted as requirements change. TeroTAM is user-friendly and the entire information can be accessed with a click of a button.

TeroTAM Features


One Touch Mobile Support

For both customers and vendors, the Mobile application is very easy to use, software solution and all information at one click.


No More Paperwork

The cloud-based infrastructure is simple to use and entire work is automated which means no need for paperwork.


Real-time Complaint Tracking

You can track all of the complaints in real-time and the management procedure is designed to work according to regulatory needs.


Digital Signature Auth

Closing a complaint with validating digital signature can be used for automation and faster authentication.


Web-Based Connected Platform

All of the online solutions and features are connected via Web portal so you have more control over tracking assets.


End-to-End Service Management

You can create maintenance strategies effectively that results in prevention of expensive failures and minimize downtime.


Complaint & Maintenance Schedule

The feature allows automatic complaint creation in a clear case file that makes a searchable record.


Cloud-based EMP Tracking

Online EMP tracking allows finding the order or asset at any time from your smartphone

Benefits of using TeroTAM

TeroTAM CMMS Software has been developed after long research and has resulted in a user-friendly and customizable solution that can be changed as per specific assets management needs. The software allows easy communication between the team that removes any miscommunication and unexpected errors thus saves so much of the time. You can set reminders for the specific asset for servicing, inventory checks, etc. And automated reports are prepared for analyzing the details and making business decisions that reduce the extra costs and enhance the business velocity. The software is highly secure and the regular audits by us make sure that security stays intact.

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