CMMS Software for Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry Maintenance Management Software

With the power of automation and high-visibility management, TeroTAM’s Oil and Gas Asset Maintenance & Management software helps the organizations work at optimum efficiency. Our Software peregrinates the asset journey and makes the navigation simple, decision-making is clear, and work orders are simple to grasp with the optimized user interface. Machines cost less and produce more when processes are coordinated and streamlined. Employees are safer and more productive, and processes are more efficient.


Structured Work Order Management

Our CMMS software enables administrators to assign the appropriate staff to the appropriate jobs. This comprises building maintenance work orders for technicians, which can be done manually or automatically. New work orders can then be automatically alerted to technicians. They can use the CMMS to mark jobs as completed, update the status of a job, and add remarks. Admin can track a technician's movement through the pipeline in real-time and save the data for reporting purposes during this procedure.


Pro-active Preventive Maintenance

Our Software helps you manage your assets effortlessly at every stage of their lives, and even safely extend their longevity. The Preventive Maintenance module includes all of the tools you'll need to boost equipment efficiency. Our preventive maintenance feature includes planning and scheduling tools and checklists to guarantee that no tasks are neglected. Asset breakdowns and equipment failures can be tracked and minimized easily.


Systematic Inventory Management

Using our CMMS software, the Maintenance department can keep precise data on inventory and spare parts. This is especially useful when dealing with expensive and difficult-to-find inventory materials and parts, as well as the requirement to have parts stocked at all of a company's locations. Controlling inventory and spare components leads to significant cost reductions. Managers no longer need to store inventory materials and respective records at each location. TeroTAM’s CMMS software allows them to swiftly and easily search inventory for the parts they need and have immediate access to them.


Tactful Decision Making with Top-Notch Report Management

Maximize asset performance with analytics, dashboards, and reports that quickly display key performance metrics such as asset health, maintenance costs, Preventive Maintenance compliance, equipment downtime, and inventory, as well as drill-down capability to quickly identify areas of concern and gain access to the details.

How does TeroTAM’s Oil and Gas Maintenance Software work?

TeroTAM’s Oil and gas Maintenance & Management software keeps your business operations running smoothly by enabling organizations with relevant, accurate, and timely maintenance data. Implement a consistent asset naming convention to identify oil and gas assets. Knowing an asset's location, status, service history, and other essential information allows you to respond quickly to repair requests.

Advanced Features of Oil and Gas Maintenance and Management Software

Handcrafted Compliance Checklist

Accurate Maintenance Checklist

Manage a personalized Maintenance checklist and share it with concerned coworkers to keep them informed about all of the duties they need to do.

Instantaneous Access with Smartphones

Smart Staff Management

Keep your staff details updated on the centralized interface and keep tracking their work orders and work progress to control their performances.

Seamless Asset Tracking with QR codes

Eagle Eye on Assets with QR code Tracking

Never miss an asset from your observation with Faster and Easy QR code tracking by assigning dedicated QR-code to each asset.

Real Estate

Marvelous Multi-location Management

Experience the single-point management of tasks and assets located in different geographic areas, with a smart cloud-based system.

Staff Management and Tracking

Effortless Escalation Management

Specify the types of service requests that will automatically be escalated to one or more staff if not responded to within a designated time frame.

Lifetime Support

Paperless Record Keeping

Keep all the data safe and secure on the cloud without any irritating paperwork. No more bunch of papers and files to manage for extensive reporting.

Frequently Ask Question

Every CMMS vendor has its attitude when it comes to software price, but according to industry experts, there are two sorts of pricing methods: Monthly Subscription and Pay-as-you-go pricing. Reach us at to learn more about how charges for Oil and Gas Maintenance Management solution works at TeroTAM.

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) assists organize Oil and Gas Business, eliminates the vast majority of unscheduled equipment repairs, boosts production, fulfills safety and regulatory standards, cuts costs, and responds quickly and completely to emergencies.

CMMS software gives you the tools you need to make your equipment and work environment safe, reliable, and compliant. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that demonstrate compliance are immediately available and easy to report on.


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