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(Last updated on August 15, 2019)

The terms and conditions given below will be applied to the service and other contractual products that are offered by TeroTAM to the clients. Any terms and conditions can be used possibly by the client in cases to which TeroTAM has agreed to:

Client Obligations

TeroTAM gives you the right to accessing our services through the website as per the kind of subscription that you select. These rights are non-exclusive or non-transferable and are limited by these terms and conditions:

Payment Obligations:

You will be receiving an invoice for the services every time you buy our services. Some of the services are subscription-based. You shall send the bill in advance and then as per the billing cycle. This can be monthly or yearly as per the client's requirement that they had selected while making the purchase. The billing cycle will continue until this contract/agreement gets terminated.

There is a requirement of a valid payment option that can include Paypal or credit card for processing the subscription that you chose. You must be providing TeroTAM all of the details that are accurate and complete in all forms. When you submit this payment data you are giving authorization to TeroTAM regarding charging for the subscription fees that in incurred by your account. You are taking full responsibility for duties and taxes apart from the access fees that are applicable as per your country’s laws.

Subscription Renewal

The subscription by the end of every billing cycle gets renewed automatically in the same condition as before unless you make a cancellation or TeroTam cancels it. You can cancel the subscription renewal by online account page on setting or you can contact us to do so.

We might use third-party services for managing the payment process and credit card that is provided. This is done in a manner that they are not permitted for storing, using or retaining your payment method data except than processing of your payment with us. In case you change any of your payment methods or the credit card you need to notify us by updating your account or sending us an email.

Payment Failure

If at the time of billing failure occurs due to any reason, TeroTAM will be issuing an invoice that indicates that you must now proceed manually within the mentioned deadline with a complete payment that corresponds to the billing period as given in the invoice.

Payment Refunds

Unless it is otherwise mentioned in the specific service plan all of the subscriptions on TeroTAM are non-refundable. There will be no refunds done for the partial or no-usage of the services by you.

Subscription plan changes

You do have the option to upgrade or downgrade any of the service plans that we provide. By these terms and condition, you are agreeing that downgrading of service can cause content loss, service capacity, features that are available to you currently. TeroTAM is not liable for any such loss. When you are upgrading or downgrading the new subscription with the access fee is applicable in the next billing cycle. If you are upgrading the new access fees for the present month get charged in the next billing cycle and your card shall be charged automatically for it. When you are downgrading the new access fees are applied from next month billing cycle.

Applied taxes

The subscription charges might not include the taxes, duties and government assessments that are similar and you are responsible for paying them as per the country laws that are put against you by the government authorities. We are going to inform you for such taxes in case we find that we are legally obliged for it and you are agreeing to pay the tax if invoiced.

General obligation and Access conditions

You are allowed to use our software and services for the lawful internal use for the business and as per this terms and condition. You need to ensure that the password and usernames that are used for accessing the services are kept confidential by you for security purposes. In case there is any use of passwords by unauthorized means you are required to reset it in account setting. While you access our software and services you must:

1. Not make an attempt for undermining the integrity or security of TeroTAM network or system.

2. Not misuse, use the service in a manner that can impair the functionality of service or website, or impair other users from using the service or website.

3. Not try attempting to gain access that is unauthorized to any content other than for which you have been provided with permission for accessing the computer that hosts the software.

4. Not trying to copy, modify, reproduce, decompile, adapt, reverse engineer, or disassemble the services and the software that TeroTAM claims. In case of any cost, damage or loss that might occur because of your breaching of these terms and conditions you will have to incur all of the costs for the recovery of access fees that you haven’t paid.

Law Compliance:

When you agree to our terms and conditions you are representing and warranting that you will be in compliance with all of the laws and regulations that are applicable. You own responsibility for determining that if the service is suitable for you as per your country’s law.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

Privacy Statement:

We have made these terms and conditions and our privacy policy for demonstrating the commitment for the privacy of all the personal data that we have of you when you visit our website or gain services. We hold all of the private data with the highest regard. The following information discloses our data collection practices for TeroTAM. We understand the vitality of protection of your privacy and our terms and condition will be assisting you with details on how the information gets collected, used and kept safe for making wise decisions when you use our website in our privacy policy. When you accept terms and conditions it implies that you are agreeing to our privacy policy as well.

Personal data that you choose for providing us:

Registration Information: This includes the identifiable information that you provide us when you register with us for any services and products that we provide or our newsletters.

Email address: If you want correspondence through email, we might retain the content of email message with the address and our replies. We offer protection of the similar way as we do for the telephone and mail data.

Correspondence with you: Registration and communication with you through email is the part of the commercial status and this implies consent to TaroTAM. We shall only be sending you information that is important and relevant for the commercial bond and any of the email that you receive by us will be highlighting the services, promotions and other offers unless you unsubscribe to us.

Client consent: When you are using our website, you are giving us the consent for data collection and using the information in accordance with the privacy policy on this website at any time and without any notification.

Data Confidentiality: Unless the significant party has a written consent prior or needed to do as per the law:

Each party will be preserving the confidentiality for all of the information of the other that is related to these terms and conditions. None of the party without the prior written consent of another party will be disclosing the confidential data that is available to them or make use of it for their benefit other than the mentioned one on this website.

Is provided by a third party that is lawfully acquired the information, and they are not under any obligation that restricts this disclosure.

Has the possession of the receiving party without any restriction that is related to the disclosure.

Identity Verification: TeroTam can use different ways for your identification when you register with us. For complying the legislative needs we can screen the client account and collect data that fulfill such requirements. We can also ask you for providing us with the documents that help us in proving your identity for the companies Verification usage. Under these terms and condition, you are authorizing TeroTAM directly for making any inquiries that we might feel important for validating your registration.

Website Security: TeroTAM is going to provide you a username and password for having access to our products and services. All of the TeroTAm users that do so will be making use of the credentials that we provide. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the user account that you own and the password. You are also agreeing to all of the activity and the changes in the data that occur in your user account on the website. TeroTAM holds no responsibility for the changes that are made by the user side.

Intellectual Property Rights:

General: All of the IPR in the services, software, website, and data that is related to the services and products will remain the property of TeroTAM.

IPR regarding data: The data and information that remains your property, this is only accessible when the data has been paid fully for to TeroTAM. You are asked to maintain a copy of all of the data that you input in our software and services. TeroTAM tries its best for practicing the policies and procedures that prevent the loss of data, that also includes routine back up but we do not guarantee that there is going to be no data loss. TeroTAm also excludes from any liabilities in case of data loss, regardless of the cause.

Liability Limitations:

As permitted by the law, TeroTAM does not hold any liability or responsibility for you or any individual in the contract, fault (this includes negligence) for the loss, the damage that might have resulted directly or indirectly with the use of our product or services.


We have the right to terminate or suspension of your account without any prior notification, immediately because of any reason that also includes you breaching the terms and condition and our privacy policies. On termination, all of your rights regarding service usage will be ceased. In case you wish for terminating of our services you can easily discontinue using our services.

Terms and condition changes:

TeroTam holds the right for modifying, replacing any of these terms and conditions at any given time. In case revisions are being made we will be trying for sending a notification at least 30 days before the new term comes into effect. It is our sole discretion on what content changes are made. When you continue to access the use of our services after the changes become effective, you are bound to be agreeing to these terms. In case you have any queries regarding the terms and condition, you can write to us n our email address.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.

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