A Journey from Manual Obstacles to Digital Success: Parul University’s Digital Transition with TeroTAM

Parul University, a prominent institution in Gujarat, faced significant need for digitalization in managing its operations to get rid of traditional manual processes. The need for a comprehensive solution to streamline Asset and Facility management paused them to think about implementing the Cloud-based CMMS Solution. 

This case study explores how TeroTAM’s CMMS solution digitalized Parul University’s operations across various departments.

Problem Statement

Parul University previously managed manual and paper-based processes for routine operations and procurement management. These antiquated systems resulted in some disturbing bottlenecks, increased human errors, and limited visibility into crucial operational data. As the institution continued to grow multifold and multi-divisional, it became evident that a more sophisticated solution was required to manage these diverse operations effectively.


Digitalization of Procurement:

Parul University streamlined its procurement processes, moving from manual purchase requests (PR) to digital purchase orders (PO). The integration of Goods Receipt Note (GRN) ensured real-time updates, and an efficient inventory management system covered both the hospital and educational institutes. Newly acquired items are now automatically added to the Asset Management module, improving overall efficiency.

Digitized Asset Management:

The university adopted digital asset management across departments, including the hospital and educational institutes. It enabled department-wise and brand/model-wise asset organization, with QR code asset tracking for rapid identification. This improved asset maintenance and resource allocation.

Digitalization of Complaint and Issue Management:

The introduction of QR-based complaint ticket generation, user-defined roles, and a robust tracking system enhanced complaint resolution efficiency and accountability. The system included clear indicators for complaint statuses like Open, Pending, In Progress & Closed.

Preventive Maintenance:

A structured approach to preventive maintenance was implemented, offering comprehensive checklists, task scheduling, assignment to qualified personnel, and task tracking. This minimized equipment downtime and contributed to asset reliability.

Complaint and Escalation Management:

The software system empowered them to efficiently handle complaints and escalations through user-defined processes. The system’s clear tracking and status indicators (Open, Pending, In Progress, Closed) ensured transparency and timely issue resolution. This data-driven approach allowed them to continuously refine its services and enhance stakeholder satisfaction.

In a nutshell,

Parul University’s commitment to embracing digitalization across their operations, from procurement to preventive maintenance, using the TeroTAM CMMS solution, is a testament to their dedication to excellence and efficiency. This comprehensive digital transformation has significantly improved accuracy, transparency, and overall operational effectiveness. By leaving behind the challenges of manual processes, Parul University is well-positioned for continued growth and success, as this forward-thinking approach optimizes resource utilization and service delivery. The adoption of TeroTAM’s CMMS has paved the way for a brighter future and has enabled the university to provide top-notch services to its students and patients while maximizing operational efficiency.