Success Story of Systematic Transformation of an Educational Institute’s Enquiry Management System

Every industry is growing nowadays, especially the education sector and in such time, how can an institute afford to miss any enquiry that can turn into enrollment. This is the time where efficient enquiry management is crucial for the success of educational institutions. While we help many organizations in other industries and few in education as well, A well-known educational institute located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, faced significant challenges in managing and monitoring their enrollment enquiries with their traditional approach to it.

This case study explores how TeroTAM’s Enquiry Management Solution helped them revolutionize their student enquiry management.

Problem Statement:

The educational institute was grappling with the archaic methods of managing enrollment enquiries, relying on a traditional record management system or cumbersome Excel sheets. These traditional methods posed numerous challenges against them and wanted to settle this roadblock with a systematic approach to enquiry management.


The educational institute faced a multitude of challenges in their traditional approach to handling enrollment enquiries. Manual enquiry management was not only time-consuming but also error-prone, leading to inefficiencies. 

Moreover, the institute lacked a dedicated system for managing and tracking enquiries, resulting in a haphazard approach to data management. The absence of a systematic record-keeping system made it challenging to retrieve and update information on enquiries, causing disorganization and confusion. 

While stepping ahead in the discussion, we came to know that the staff had no efficient means to update the status of enquiry, resulting in communication gaps and missed opportunities. The lack of a systematic assignment system for inquiries meant that there was no clear accountability, leading to a lack of follow-up on potential students. 

Nearing to the end of discussion, they had a point that the absence of data-driven insights and reports left the institution without the tools for informed decision-making and strategic planning. These challenges highlighted the pressing need for a more efficient and modern approach to student enquiry management software.


After thorough discussion and understanding the situation for them, We suggested and later implemented TeroTAM’s Enquiry Management Solution, which has been proved to be a game-changer for the educational institute. We offered a comprehensive set of features to address their challenges in a way that settles the challenges to a streamlined approach and can be better in near future with more customized solutions as they figure out more bottlenecks.

Systematic Record Keeping of Enquiries: The software enabled the institute to centralize and organize all enrollment enquiries in one place, eliminating the chaos of paperwork or excel sheets.

Deliberate Data Management System: TeroTAM’s CMMS solution provided a structured data management system that facilitated easy access and retrieval of information at a centralized platform that can be accessed easily from anywhere.

Categorization of Enquiry: Enquiries were categorized based on the type of courses prospective students were interested in, and sending the enquiry for, allowing for more personalized follow-ups.

User-based Role Management: TeroTAM’s software allowed the institution to define user roles and permissions, ensuring that the right staff members had access to relevant information and features.

Systematic Enquiry Distribution: The system efficiently assigned enquiries to dedicated team members, ensuring prompt follow-ups and accountability.

On-time Follow-ups: With automated reminders and tracking, the institute could stay on top of enquiries and promptly engage with potential students.


TeroTAM’s Enquiry Management Solution transformed how the educational institute managed and monitored their enrollment inquiries. By eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional methods and providing a robust, user-friendly platform, the institution gained several benefits:

  • Improved efficiency in handling enquiries.
  • Enhanced data management and retrieval.
  • Personalized and systematic follow-ups.
  • Accountability through enquiry assignment.
  • Data-driven insights for better decision-making.

This case study highlights the importance of adopting modern solutions for student enquiry management and how TeroTAM’s Student Enquiry Management Solution empowered the well  established and well-known institute to excel in a highly competitive educational era.

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