TeroTAM’s Journey with Data Center Giant in Maintenance Management

Problem Statement:

In the heart of the data center universe, India’s one of the biggest Data centers, found itself facing a labyrinth of challenges that threatened its operational prowess. With the absence of a cohesive system for asset mapping, complaint resolution, and preventive maintenance, the giant from the data center industry needed to be grappling with inefficiencies, prolonged downtimes, and a foggy view of its maintenance landscape. As the pressures of mission-critical operations intensified, they sought a beacon of hope to revolutionize its maintenance processes and elevate asset management and other operational efficiencies to new heights of excellence.

As the problem statement above explains itself, this case study story will take you through all the major roadblocks in the seamless journey of a well-reputed data center and as a part of the solution how TeroTAM’s CMMS solution, helped them to get rid of it and witnessed the streamlined efficiency.

So, let’s put the show on the road and get insights on the exciting journey of the union of a Data center giant and TeroTAM.

Major Challenges Faced By Well-know Data Center in India

  • Incomplete Asset Auditing and Location Condition Assessment
  • Lack of Automated Work Order Creation and Technician Alerts
  • Delayed Approval management
  • Complex Escalation Process for Breakdown and Red Flag Calls
  • Limited Visibility into Historical Maintenance Data
  • Difficulty in Monitoring Asset Condition Routinely
  • Manual Ticket Logging and Follow-up Process
  • Inadequate Tracking of Warranty, AMC, and EOL Status
  • Inappropriate Service Specification Configuration for Resource Allocation
  • Absence of Decision-Support through Real-time Dashboards
  • Challenges in Visualizing Historical Data for Performance Monitoring and Compliance Demonstration.

How TeroTAM CMMS System help Data Center Giant to Revitalize its Operational Excellence?

Infra Asset Mapping: 

Our CMMS software facilitated a seamless one-time entry of well-reputed data center’s infrastructure assets into the database. Through comprehensive infra-asset mapping, they have established a centralized repository, laying the foundation for efficient maintenance management.

QR Code-based Scanning and Complaint Management: 

Our solution comprises a cutting-edge QR code-based scanning mechanism through the mobile app. This enabled on-site personnel to scan assets, triggering the app to raise complaints, preventive maintenance (PM), or general maintenance tasks using pre-defined checklists. Geo-tagging enhanced data accuracy and ensured physical verification.

Status Monitoring and Assignment: 

With our system, the Data center gained real-time visibility into request status and streamlined assignments to their teams, departments, or vendors. This fostered collaborative and efficient maintenance workflows.

Six Options for QR Code Scanning: 

Upon scanning the QR code, the app presented six options to choose from, empowering users to select: Breakdown Maintenance/Complaint Management, Preventive Maintenance, General Maintenance, Asset Details, Asset Auditing/Location Condition Assessment, and Bulk Maintenance.

Unique Pre-defined Checklists: 

For each of the six options, our software required users to populate unique pre-defined checklists, ensuring standardized data entry for precise maintenance records.

Digital Recording of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance: 

With our system, we helped them with digitized preventive and corrective maintenance records, offering a user-friendly drop-and-drag menu to select utilities, and streamlining data entry.

End User Supervisors Empowerment: 

The Data center end-user supervisors harnessed the power of TeroTAM’s CMMS software to prepare digital maintenance record formats. This allowed them to map approval matrices for email and SMS approval, expediting decision-making.

Three-tiered Maintenance Activities Management: 

Our software solution efficiently manages maintenance activities across three levels: initial users conducting maintenance, supervisors overseeing site engineers, and DC managers overseeing the broader operations.

Customized Widgets and Dashboard: 

We understand the importance of customization and hence offered customized widgets and a dashboard tailored to each user level. This personalized approach showcased relevant data, empowering users with real-time insights for smarter decision-making.

Alerts for Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections: 

We have shaped our solution for them in a way that makes it capable of triggering alerts based on time or meter readings for scheduled maintenance and inspections. The dashboard displayed all sites, including flags and alerts, ensuring proactive maintenance.

Automated Work Orders

The CMMS software automated the creation of work orders generated from helpdesk tickets and preventive maintenance plans. Technicians received alerts for upcoming work orders, equipped with unique instruction sets for each asset, optimizing performance.

AMC Notification and Escalation Management: 

With our customized solution, Data center’s site managers received timely notifications on upcoming Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) by OEMs and vendors. In case of delays, the software handled escalations, ensuring AMC compliance.

On-the-go Maintenance Recording and Ticket Management: 

Understanding the need for maintenance records and tickets, our software enabled on-the-go maintenance recording and seamless ticket logging, expediting ticket resolution and increasing overall operational efficiency.

Asset Condition Routine Monitoring: 

Using this solution with the access to monitor asset condition routines, allows them to proactively manage asset health and prevent potential issues.

Escalation of Breakdown and Red Flag Calls: 

With this solution, they have strengthened and streamlined the escalation process for breakdown and red flag calls, ensuring timely attention and swift resolution.

Reports with Highlighted Warranty/AMC/EOL Status: 

Each report generated by TeroTAM’s CMMS software highlighted the warranty, AMC, or End-of-Life (EOL) status, simplifying decision-making and planning for assets.

Configurable Service Specifications: 

The software allowed them to configure service specifications, allocate resources based on skills and adhere to standardized work practices.

Pre-defined Templates for Utilities

Our pre-defined templates benefit Data for various utilities, promoting consistent and efficient maintenance practices.

KPI/SLA Reporting and Real-time Dashboards: 

Our customized CMMS software solution for Data center, provided ready-to-use KPI/SLA reporting and real-time dashboards, empowering Data center with data-driven insights for enhanced performance management.

Support for Decision Making: 

The contemporary real-time dashboards and historical data visualization supported decision-making processes, guiding Data center giants towards informed strategies and improved maintenance practices.

To Sum it up quickly, Let’s Trim the Tale and unveil the heart of the matter,

In this tale of technological metamorphosis, Data center giant and TeroTAM joined forces to breathe life into a robust asset mapping process, automate complaint resolution and preventive maintenance, and amplify real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. The magnetic allure of detailed analytics, geo-tagging, and QR code-based scanning bewitched them with data-driven insights and unparalleled visibility into their maintenance realm. With pre-defined checklists as their trusty companions, Data center’s technicians embarked on a seamless journey to address breakdowns and perform general maintenance with newfound efficiency. Armed with bulk maintenance capabilities and customizable settings, Data center giant navigated the treacherous waters of maintenance management, steering away from bottlenecks and delays.

This is the captivating chronicle of TeroTAM’s quest to empower the Data center – a tale of innovative technology, data-driven decision-making, and the fusion of human expertise with digital prowess. As a giant of the industry, they embraced this transformative partnership, the data center embarked on a journey to conquer inefficiencies, reduce downtime, and elevate maintenance performance to a symphony of seamless operations. Together, they forged a path toward operational excellence, promising a brighter future for the realm of data centers and beyond.

Are You Ready to Discover Your Success Story: Just Like a Data Center Giant Did? 

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