Print Ink Manufacturing Leader’s Journey towards Operational Excellence with TeroTAM

Problem Statement:

The leading manufacturing company in the Printing Ink industry, was facing significant challenges in managing its maintenance operations efficiently. The company had a large number of assets distributed across multiple locations, which made it difficult to track and maintain them effectively. Additionally, they struggled with timely complaint resolution, lacked preventive maintenance strategies, and had limited visibility into their maintenance activities. They needed a comprehensive solution to address these challenges and improve its maintenance operations.

As mentioned in the problem statement above, this case study story will take you through how with our CMMS solution, we helped them to resolve all the major bottlenecks and increase work efficiency. 

So, let’s put the road on the show and get insights on the success story of Print Ink Manufacturing Leader.


  • Inappropriate Assets Management
  • Absence of a Centralized Asset Tracking System
  • Missed Asset Maintenance
  • Unscheduled Maintenance Management
  • Unexpected Breakdowns
  • Struggle to get Detailed Analytics
  • Lack of Data-Driven Decisions
  • Absence of Multi-location Management
  • Adoption and Training of New Technology
  • Data Integration
  • Customization for Scalability
  • Resistance to Cultural Shift

How TeroTAM Brings Out the Solution for Print Ink Manufacturers with CMMS System?

Assets Management: 

TeroTAM’s CMMS software offered robust asset management capabilities to create a centralized database of assets, including detailed information such as maintenance history, warranty details, and criticality. This allowed them to schedule preventive maintenance tasks proactively, reducing unplanned downtime and extending asset life cycles.

Preventive Maintenance:

The solution we designed for them has enabled them to implement preventive maintenance strategies effectively. Our software solution facilitated the creation of maintenance schedules based on asset condition, usage, and industry best practices. By conducting regular inspections and maintenance, this Print Ink manufacturer could prevent costly breakdowns and improve overall equipment reliability.

Staff Management: 

While designing the solution for them we made sure to offer staff management capabilities, allowing them to assign and track maintenance tasks efficiently. The software provided a centralized platform for managing workloads, tracking performance, and optimizing resource allocation.

Activity Logs Management: 

We understood the requirement of comprehensive activity log management for their situation and hence included activity log management in our solution customized for them so they could track and monitor all maintenance activities, including work order creation, status updates, and completion reports. These activity logs helped in auditing, compliance, and performance evaluation.

Complaint Management: 

In our solution, we provided a streamlined complaint management system to them. Their Employees could easily report maintenance issues through the software, which would automatically generate work orders for resolution. This improved communication and ensured timely resolution of complaints, minimizing downtime and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Location Management: 

Our solution offered them location management features that allowed them to track assets across multiple sites effectively. The software provided real-time visibility into asset location, enabling efficient allocation of resources and streamlining maintenance activities across different locations.

Vendor Management: 

TeroTAM’s CMMS software enabled them to manage their service providers effectively with the Vendor management module. It allowed them to maintain a database of service providers, track their performance, and evaluate service quality. This facilitated better decision-making in selecting and managing external service providers.

Detailed Analytics: 

With our Real-time reports and analytics, we empowered their Data insight for Data-driven decision-making. The software captured and analyzed data on asset performance, maintenance costs, and other key metrics. These detailed insights enabled them to identify trends, optimize maintenance schedules, and make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency.

Internal Communication with Chat Management: 

To solve-out internal communication gap, we included a chat management feature that allowed our client’s maintenance team to communicate and collaborate effectively. The internal chat feature facilitated quick information sharing, real-time updates on maintenance activities, and improved coordination among team members.

Cutting the Long story short…!!

Unlocking Operational Excellence: TeroTAM’s Journey with One of the Market Leader in Print Ink Manufacturing

When the Print Ink manufacturer encountered a labyrinth of maintenance management challenges, TeroTAM’s CMMS software emerged as the beacon of hope. With detailed analytics, seamless location, and asset management, efficient complaint resolution, and preventive maintenance strategies, TeroTAM empowered them to achieve operational excellence. However, conquering the challenges of adoption, data integration, customization, and cultural shift became the key to unlocking the long-term benefits of this transformative partnership.

Their journey witnessed a paradigm shift as TeroTAM’s CMMS software revealed hidden patterns, synchronized resources across sites, streamlined complaint resolution, and fostered a proactive approach to maintenance. Despite the challenges of adoption, data integration, customization, and cultural shift, their commitment to embracing change paved the way for unparalleled efficiency and reduced downtime, forever transforming its maintenance management landscape.

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