TeroTAM Techlabs Pvt. Ltd pridefully Announcing the Success Story of Property Management Solution at Airtel. TeroTAM brings the State-of-the-art Solution for your Widespread Store facility management process with Property Management Solution.

GUJARAT, Ahmedabad: TeroTAM Techlabs Pvt. Ltd., a well-known CMMS software supplier, has announced how their Property Management Solution has simplified and streamlined the store facility management process of one of the Telecom giant of India, The Airtel, and helped them to digitize the manual and cumbersome store management process and paperwork and let them experience the centralized property management solution for multi-location stores with a standardized approach.

TeroTAM’s Property Management Solution empowered Airtel to perform their Day-to-Day and multilocational store facility management tasks like Property Management, Asset Management, Store Management, AMC and R&M Ticket Management, Vendor Management, Preventive Maintenance, and Escalation Management, etc. with Paperless property management solution & real-time asset ticket and maintenance solution that liberated them with unwanted manual paperwork and human errors.

Advanced Features of TeroTAM’s Property Management Solution

  • Paperless Property and Store Facility Management
  • Arduous Asset Management and Asset Tracking
  • Centralized Management of Multi-location Stores with Cloud-based Infrastructure
  • Enhanced AMC and R&M Ticket Management
  • Streamlined Staff Management and Tracking
  • Vivacious Vendor Management
  • Super-easy User Access Management
  • Faster Solution with Efficient Escalation Management

About TeroTAM: TeroTAM is a Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) that manages, maintains, and controls high-value Assets using high-end analytics to optimize the level of performance and expand the life cycle of your assets. TeroTAM also offers other multiple solutions like Asset Tracking, Complaint Tracking and Management, Facility Management, Task Management with smart tracking, and internal communication with high-end features like QR Code scanning and Digital signature.

Originally Published: https://www.prlog.org/12964135-terotam-announcing-the-success-story-of-property-management-solution-at-airtel.html