In the 23.5.0 version we have provided multiple advanced features in this release with an application and web portal, where we care about security and enhancement with smart workflow.

Budget and Expense:

In the budget and expense, we have cover 2 point which is mentioned below:

Loader Missing: While bulk uploading the budget and expense there is the loader to identify that the file is uploading.

Validation message: During the uploading, there will be multiple validations for different options like incorrect value, add correct budget and different options.

Complaint Management:

In complaint management, there is the feature of the edit assets after assignee the tickets.

Once the complaint is created and the ticket is assigned to the service provider there will be an edit option for assets even after it is assigned to the service provider.

Escalation for PM custom Label:

In Escalation of Preventive Maintenance, there is no change in setting, the user directly needs got to escalation and go to the Preventive Maintenance module and click on the add escalation then select Module, select PM activity based on custom label, Select hours, and then TAT hours.

Once the escalation is filled then the user needs to add the Email service to get the consolidate email by setting the time and submit do based on selected time and escalation leave the mail will send to the level-based team or employee.


In the SCA module we have added multiple features from where the user can work smartly and handle all the tickets.

Analytics Report:

In Analytics there is the Report tab so in the report tab at the header there is the option of selecting field, we have added one more option for rate card so from the user can check the amount of the rate card based on the role if, the user doesn’t have the access then there will “XXXX” amount will display.

Preventive Maintenance:

In preventive maintenance now, there is an advanced option for the camera which is based on the setting.
Setting>>Preventive Maintenance>>Preference>>Media Setting

General Maintenance:

The General Maintenance is the same as the Preventive Maintenance where the user can use all the below service:

Setting>>Service Management: Cange Dynamic name

Setting>>Role Management: Role base access of the General Maintenance module.

Setting>>Preventive Maintenance: This will have all setting feature of PM

SMTP Email no reply:

In TeroTAM there is a new dynamic email feature implemented.

Server-related changes:

In server-related changes, we have improved the performance and reduced the time for taking a load in the Preventive Maintenance module. The changes are made in API and other times taking server response changes.


In security we have cover the point which will make the product secure and safe with all threads

iOS Improvement:

user profile creates signature button move into box at the list scroll screen from create button popup in customer and vendor app.