1. Project Management (Service Provider)

  • a. Project Management from where user can Create the installation ticket and can work on that, as commissioning, Handover Report
  • b. Where user will have access to Creating ticket, the ticket which is created can work on same ticket, and also the ticket which completed successful need to commissioning them (verify the installation) and then create the report base on the installation commissioning and handover detail.

2. Automated Reports (Customer Portal)

  • a. User Need to subscribe the service as per their needs or require and select the option what he needs for as reports he need to select from complaint management Preventive Maintenance, communication.
  • b. It base on subscription of Daily, weekly, monthly Quarterly, Yearly when user need the mail for reports.

3. Assets Manual: (Customer + Service Provider)

  • a. In Assets management user need to activate the service and then need to upload the file of assets.
  • b. Assets file will bind with Complaint ticket and will display in detail screen

4. Asset Bulk Upload (Customer)

The file user upload need improvement like error, alert and duplicate message with proper information

5. Service Provider Dashboard

a. In Dashboard there will be 3 option of charts using role management and access:

  • i. Complaint Management
  • ii. Communication
  • iii. Report

b. We have added chart of communication in this release, and the charts are:

  • i. Chat – User
  • ii. Chat – Department
  • iii. Chat – Uses
  • iv. Email – Uses
  • v. Email – Users
  • vi. Email- Department

6. Bugs and Improvement (Customer, Service provider, master)

  • a. Vendor to TeroTAM Service Provider logo for application
  • b. Vendor to Service Provider text change in Master portal
  • c. Bugs of previous release