1. Service Call Report Changes

In Complaint Management report is created and in the PDF file, we have added the option of page no and attachment.

2. The Filter Should have an Internal Staff Option as Well

In Complaint Management, there is the option of the filter where user need to add the option of Internal staff to get the ticket which is assigned, or closed by the internal team.

3. SOA and AP Changes

In SOA, changes need to be made for 3 points: Comment, Activity, and Ticket number.
Where the ticket gets created, users can view the ticket number, and in the comment section users can add the comment with attachments, images, documents, and GIFs.


In Activity, the user can view the activity of SOA which is performed by any user for SOA tickets.


In SOA there is a history feature to check the information of SOA tickets.


4. Android Improvement

  • Image place holder shows and it needs to update as. image extension.
  • Remove from which fragment bundle tag from passing every place
  • Make login and get a chatroom Api call process replaced with kotlin coroutine.

5. iOS Improvement

  • All module checklist: If a user try to do create a report without required field fill, then the field should be shown so the user can get an idea about a missing field.
  • Logistic file uploaded multi data time loader show
  • Customer iOS Bugs of expand collapse
  • Auto Change API URL
  • Customer iOS: app restart takes time after role change/staff change popup come

6. Backend Improvement

  • The location adds from the selection, while go add location from the selection validation showing.
  • Asset flow deletes show related data which binds with that data and then on submit need to delete

7. Frontend Improvement

  • Need to give the option of completed & verified in the filter on the vendor side.
  • customer portal: Text field should be enabled for last & long just same as complaint management.
  • asset flow deletes show related data which binds with that data and then on submit need to delete.