1. PM Invoice:

In Invoice, the user can have the option of Preventive Modules which can be used based on the setting.

a. Setting>>Invoice Service>> Preference: In Service, the user can have the option to on the Invoice service for PM By default the service will be off once the user on the service.

Figure 1.1 Setting>> Invoice>>preference

Once the service option the user will have the option of PM invoice Form, PM Approval Level.

b. Setting>>Invoice Service>> PM Invoice Form: There is the option to create the form for an invoice by default, there will be on form if the user needs can create a dynamic form, and also can have the option of Edi and delete.

Figure 1.2 Setting>> Invoice>>PM invoice form

c. Setting>>Invoice Service>> PM Invoice Approval: In PM Invoice Approval there will be an option from which the user can add the level of approval and also can add the option of Approval name, Strategy Type.

Figure 1.3 Setting>> Invoice>>PM invoice Approval

Preventive Maintenance Details Screen:

In the Preventive Maintenance Details screen, there is the option of Invoice once the PM ticket is completed.

Figure 1.4: Preventive Maintenance>> Details Screen

2. Complaint to Project Management due to high TAT:

In this task, the user has to move the complaint task to PM and then change from here.

a. Setting>> Complaint Service>> Preference: In dynamic for form, there is the option of Do you want to move Complaint Management to Project Management? By default, the service is off once the user on the service user can move ticket.

Figure 2.1 Setting>> Complaint Services>>Preference

 Complaint Management:

In Complaint Management the user creates the complaint and then the user can move the complaint ticket to Project Management need to provide the option. in the below point the user can move the complaint to Project management by the below status:

  • Assignee to/ Delete/ Move to
  • Assignee to/ Start/ Delete/ Move to
  • Pause/ Complete/ Move to

Figure3.1: Analytics>> My reports

3. Custom report- asset tableau option:

In Analytics there is the option of My report, from where the user can create dynamic reports based on the asset’s module.

The user can create the chart with assets details like Category, Sub- Category, Brand, Model, Serial No and then select the count.

Figure3.2: Analytics>> My reports>> Add chart

The user can calculate the row and columns with different charts like Pie charts, Line charts, and bar charts.

Figure3.3: Analytics>> My reports>> View chart

4. PM chart for PM status:

In Analytics there is a tab for Preventive Maintenance Charts, from where users can have different charts in that charts now the user can have one more chart which is Preventive Maintenance charts which will have below status and data to be downloaded.
⦁ Total count of PM ticket
⦁ Open
⦁ Paused
⦁ Passed
⦁ Verified
⦁ Failed
⦁ Declined
⦁ Deleted

Figure 4.1: Analytics>> Preventive Maintenance>> PM status

The User can the full chart as well the user can download the chart based on status, the user clicks on the status and can download the charts.

Figure 4.2: Analytics>> Preventive Maintenance>> PM status>>Download

5. Create complaint changes:

In Complaint Management there will be one new feature “Relation For,”

a. Setting>>Complaint service>> Preference: In Preference, there is the form where the user can select the multiple options for the relation form. Once users are on the service there will be a tab to create the relation form

Figure 5.1: Setting>>Complaint service>>preference

b. Setting>>Complaint service>>Relation Form: In the relation form, there will be below information and need to add and then need to submit the form which will bind with the complaint management form.
⦁ From Name
⦁ Fields
⦁ Type of Value
⦁ Two checkboxes
⦁ If add manual data from the form
⦁ In relation felids

Figure 5.2: Setting>>Complaint service>>preference>>Add from

c. Complaint Management>>Create complaint: In Complaint management, while creating the complaint there will be the last section for relation form from where the user can select the fore and based on that field of the form will appear.

Figure 5.3: Complaint Management>> Create Complaint

In Complaint management it will added in the last section of the details screen the user can add the data to start/pause/ complete the complaint.

In the report, there will be a new section for the relation form data.

6. PM should be Schedule based on Pass activity:

a. Setting>>Preventive Maintenance>> Preference: In Preventive Maintenance Setting, need to provide the Section of PM frequency where the user can make changes to frequency Do you need the option to schedule PM after PM Frequency Started?

Figure 6.1: Setting>>PM setting>>Preference

By default, the service will be off, once used the services will get changed to add/schedule the PM after the frequency is started. While adding the activity. Automatically it will generate and select the previous date.

Do you need a PM Schedule based on a passing date? By default, the service will be off once the user is on then for Example if the user service and the scheduled date of activity are 01-07-22 but if a user doesn’t own that day and then perform tasks on the same 05-07-22 then from next month it will generate from 05-08-22

There will be one option Inactivity needs to provide the option for do you need single activity to be scheduled. By default, the service will be off once used on the service, while the user adds the activity at that time will provide the checkbox to check the date and will be performed for only one activity.

Figure 6.2: Setting>> Setting>>PM setting>>Preference

In the schedule, the date needs to provide the info icon for an incremental date.
It will be added from PM schedule the task and it will show the also in the information, for old tickets it will be editable.

Do you need a reason after passing the tickets? By default, the service will be off, once used on the service then there will be the option of Reason for passing the ticket. After adding the reason, it will show in the activity and also in the report. It will be for both the side customer and vendor and based on customer setting.

Figure 6.3: Setting>> Setting>>PM setting>>Preference

7. Budget and expense in the app:

In the web portal, the user has budget a and expense module, now the user can use the budget and expense from the application based on the setting of preferences, budget, and Expense:

Figure 7.1: Setting>>Setting>>Budget and expense>>Preference

The User can create the budget based on form selection, the form will be created from the setting of the budget and the user can check the list of budgets and can view the details screen.

Figure 7.2: Listing of budget and Figure 7.3: Create Budget

In setting the approval flow will be based on that user can approve the budget which is added by the team.

Figure 7.3: Approve and Decline Budget

The User can create the Expense based on form selection, the form will be created from the setting of the budget and the user can check the list of Expenses and can view the details screen.

Figure 7.4: Listing of expenses and Figure 7.5: Create Expenses

In the setting the approval flow will be based on that user can approve the Expense which is added by the team.

Figure 7.6: Approve and Decline Expense

Based on the setting expenses should not be high than the budget, else need to take approval or will not allow to add more.

Figure 7.6: Budget and Expense Filter

Users can download reports for budget and expenses based on staff and date.

8. Vendor Dark theme (Android + Web):

In Vendor Application and in the web there is the option where users can have the option to change the theme in dark mode.

Figure 8.1: Dark Mode

 9. iOS Improvement:

a. Comment + Attachment Delete Improvement

b. Search Improvement: Role base search.

c. iPad-related issues

1. Customer

⦁ Report view share issues
⦁ Complain detail > three dot > share time application crash
⦁ Gallery views share not a proper set
⦁ Attachment list photo click action sheet UI issues

⦁ Invoice > create > add item > Add item action sheet pending
⦁ Comment attachment > photo click issues
⦁ Preventive > download time app crash
⦁ Price est. attachment > photo click issues
⦁ Enquiry. Management adds time attachment > photo click issues
⦁ Inventory > sales order > detail > invoice and delivery challah time
> share and download the time action sheet missing all pending inventory
⦁ New request in HRMS attachment > photo click issues
⦁ HRMS > Payslip > share and download time action sheet missing
⦁ Assets Management > Assets details > add attachment issues
⦁ AP > Invoice download, report Issues
⦁ AP > SOA > download, report Issues
⦁ Customer detail photo issues

 2. Service provider application

⦁ Service provider > detail > profile photo issues
⦁ Side menu > Share issues in both app
⦁ Chat attachment > photo click issues
⦁ Gallery views share not a proper set
⦁ Preventive > comment > photo click issues
⦁ Comment three-dot button time app crash
⦁ AP > Invoice > download click time app crash
⦁ AP > Invoice download, report Issues
⦁ AP > SOA > download, report Issues

10. Android Improvement:

⦁ Use only one menu file with all options and remove all other menu files to show Popup ()
⦁ Get lat-long only through the location provider model
⦁ Reduced user detail open code from the click event.

 11. Frontend Improvement:

⦁ Need to give the option of completed & verified in the filter on the vendor side
⦁ WEBM video format is not supported in the customer portal, on every place where upload video