1. Project Management Phase-2

1.1 Service Provider Dashboard: (Service Provider)

In vendor Portal user can view the charts of Project management as they have the role and access of project management. This is the list of five charts and it can be download.
a. Total No Installation vs Pending (Chart)
b. Total number of Commissioning Vs Pending (Chart)
c. Total no Handover Report Vs Pending (Chart)
d. Employee Average time of installation (Chart)
e. Most Outlet Base Installation


1.2 Service Management: (Customer Portal)

At customer portal we have added the service for Project management from there user can subscribe the service for OTP.


1.3 Role Management: (Customer Portal)

User can get the access of roles from the role management (settings) option from the portal:

1.4 Project Management Service: (Customer portal)

From here user will have access of the services to work on the project management module for verify project ticket, service provider can create installation, service provider can commission project.


2. Project Management Phase 3

    • a. Project Management Service:-Preference and checklist for Project checklist where user have to make sure for the check list installation, Commissioning and Handover for all activities:



  • b. Create Installation:- While Creating the installation user need the checklist to be apply if they need to add the checklist for that then need to add at the time of creating Installation for access the activities of the checklist.


  • c. On Submit and Detail Screen:- Once the Installation is created then user have to do changes in checklist and activities then in details screen it is possible to do changes and once the tickets complete then user can review the ticket.


  • d. Handover Report Image:- Once the user adds the Image In project management for Installation Commissioning and Handover then he must know from where the image is added.


3. Customer Selection: (Service Provider application)

Once the user needs to select the customer then they can select the customer and the tickets of complaint management and project management will be based on the specific the customer.


4. Quick Selection: (Customer and Service Provider)

In Quick selection for customer there is option for quick access are

4.1 Vendor Side Quick Access

  • a. Customer
  • b. Notification
  • c. Settings
  • d. User Guide


4.2 Customer Side Quick Access

  • a. Analytics
  • b. Notification
  • c. Settings
  • d. User Guide


5. Assets Manual:(Customer & Service Provider)

If super admin adds the document of any assets in customer portal the once the ticket is created and the detail of that ticket user will get the manual to view as per the access and can download.

Screenshot_12        Screenshot_13

6. Improvement

  • a. Preventive Maintenance:- Once the Preventive Maintenance is created successfully then we need to show in the notification.
  • b. Automated Report:- In Automated report we done changes in email format design for display the email and data.
  • c. Server – side Pagination:- Implement the server-side Pagination and search option for Location Management, Vendor Management, Staff Management
  • d. Complaint Work Order:- If not data in part and images, then hide this section.

7. Management Snapshot

In Master portal there is option of management snapshot. The management snap shot have 2 parts Customer and vendor (Service provider). The data of use in customer and service provider.

7.1 Customer

7.1.1 Dynamic Data Base on Date Selection

  • Activity logs count
  • Total Complaints
  • New Complaints
  • In-progress Complaints
  • Completed/Verified Complaints
  • Employee Average Time
  • Complaints Internal Vs Service Provider
  • PM Passes Vs Failed Activity
  • Total Chat
  • Total Email
  • Total SMS/OTP

7.1.2 Fix Data

  • Total staffs
  • Total Outlets/Locations
  • Total Assets
  • Total Service Providers

7.2 Service Provider

7.2.1 Dynamic Data base on Date Selection

  • Activity logs count
  • Total Complaints
  • New Complaints
  • In-progress Complaints
  • Completed/Verified Complaints
  • Total Project Tickets
  • New Project ticket
  • Installation Project ticket
  • Commissioning Project ticket
  • Handover Project ticket
  • Employee Average Time (Complaint)
  • Employee Average Time (Project)
  • Total Chat
  • Total Email

7.2.2 Fix Data

  • Total staffs
  • Total Outlets/Locations
  • Total Customers


  • a. Change splash screen loader in mobile application.
  • b. For security reason updated PL SQL Injection.
  • c. Security change for Device token type in iOS and Android apps.
  • d. Reports changes:
    • a. Remove image upload activity from report screen
    • b. Add customer icon
    • c. Remove ticket created on
    • d. Remove space from store id and date and status
    • e. Space show more on right side
  • e. Role Management In customer portal.
  • f. Change the text in Project management Module, Serial no: User have added the data
    manually for assets information but not added serial number then it must come NA at place
    of Serial number
  • g. There is no data then can he add the serial number assign put.
  • h. We have to Hide button in commissioning if the customer has not provided commissioning


  • a. City Name mismatch in location management, corrected with city name Bangalore.
  • b. assets manual services & in role management also given assets manual services to any role then also not display in side bar
  • c. QR Code PDF image cut between 2 pages.