1. Download Chart

  • Download data of Complaint Management charts.
  • Created new chart of SMS, Email, Chat.
  • Chart design changes Complaint response time
  • Create New chart for Most complaint base on Nature of issue/ Complaint title
  • Outlet base Complaint management, Preventive Maintenance, communication,

2. Customer Selection

In Vendor Portal there is one new option to select the customer from the list of the customer, which will make the portal base on that customer for all the activities.

3. Staff Reset Password

Super admin can reset password of the password of any staff from their User ID.

4. Date Picker

Added date Picker Range in Dashboard, Activity log, Staff Tracking, Assets Tracking, Report Filter, Preventive Maintenance.

5. Assets History

Assets history where assets was and where assets are now is view in assets history in Customer Portal.

6. Activity Log

In customer and Vendor portal the Activity Log for Services & Settings.

7. Reports in Application

Reports which show the detail information of complaint management with complaint title, complaint status, report no, Complaint no and other information as well for application.

8. Offline Application

Offline application for customer portal which includes: Complaint Action, Complaint Assignee, Complaint Image remove, Complaint Image upload, Complaint Assets Information.

9. Notifications

In complaint management, we have added Complaint Title and Username in

10. Role Change

Once the user has assignee the super admin role to any staff then need to change the role into and other roles then it is possible.

11. Preventive Maintenance

  • Calendar View: Added pagination in calendar view for 5 outlets, and design changes
    in calendar view.
  • List view: Added pagination and design changes in list view and remove the filter,
    added search option in PM.

12. Complaint Management

  • Change the button steps, Assignee to and start button will appear at same time.
  • Design changes in Activities and comment section as in customer portal, it should display vendor tag for vendor activities and comment and in vendor portal it will display customer tag for customer activities and comment.

13. Customer Name

In vendor portal when create staff and while that time assigning the outlet then at that time with the name of outlet and city name their we have added customer name column as well

14. Broad cast Alert

In schedule time the alert notification will display to customer and vendor for pending tickets.

15. Auto Close

Complaints will be close automatically once the crone will run as the time is set for the auto close the complaint.

16. Escalation Flow

  • The escalation mail will be sent on bases of assigned outlet.
  • The escalation mail has (option added in format) assignee to: (username) will be display in mail information.

17. Staff Tracking

Pin colour changes for start tracking stop tracking Activity between tracking points.

18. Overview complaint

In android and iOS Complaint Overview data changes.

19. Icon Change

Icon change for tracking location map (both portal)

20. Decline to Delete

In Complaint Management Text changes of Decline to delete.

21. Add Customer Name

Customer name added in complaint detail of vendor.