1. Dashboard Sequence

In Customer and Service Provide Portal (Vendor) we have the Dashboard charts for Complaint management, In Charts we have provide the sequence of Assets as per requirement. Now Assets are in sequence and the assets charts are

2. Activity Log

Activity log for Assets Management, Preventive Maintenance where user have to add the add assets for Preventive Maintenance Setting (Activity Log), Edit outlet, add area and add assets. Activity Log for Project Management in Customer Portal, where user add perform the action on Installation, commissioning and handover.

3. Remember me Option

We have remember me option with Customer and Service Provider (vendor Portal) once the user add the user name and password then it will be save and user will get the user name and password.

4. Complaint Management (Report and Image)

In complaint Management we have done 2 changes Report and Image.

4.1 Work Order Report

  • Create a complaint and assign a complaint to the service provider
  • Start work and create work report in the service provider side
  • Reopen complaint
  • Complete again same complaint
  • After complaint complete direct open view report but it should ask for a new
    complaint report.

If user says OK then need to provide report as edit option and if user say Cancel then
keep the current flow.

4.2 Image

In Complaint Management user have added the image, that image have details of By who the image is added and the date when the image is

5. Preventive Maintenance

Search: In Preventive Maintenance List View title base searching in outlet and assets activity.
Outlet Base: If any user is login with technician role, he/she have the access of anyone outlet, so he/she can’t have the access of any other outlet.

6. Update Firebase SDK for Application

In Customer and Service Provider (vendor) we have update the application for Firebase SDk in Android and iOS.

7. Clear All Notification Counter Option in Mobile App

User get the notification counter for below points so to mark as all read user need to click on all clear all notification and the counter will be 0. (It will be reset).

8. Dashboard Charts for Preventive Maintenance

In Android and iOS we have Implemented the chart in Customer Application for Preventive Maintenance and the charts are:

    • PM Complaints
    • PM Complaints – Monthly
    • PM Complaints – Quarterly
    • PM Passed/ Failed Activity
    • PM Failed Complaints
    • PM Complaint Outlet
    • PM Complaint activities
    • PM Complaint Service Provider
    • Equipment Category PM complaint
    • Equipment PM Complaints
    • Brand PM Complaints
    • Models – PM Complaints
    • Serial No – PM Complaints


9. Reset the Application

In Application, we have added the Reset option, where user have to Reset the application and then application will get referees and counter for complaint project management, preventive maintenance, chat and the username all think will be update.