1. Alert Board cast for Pending Complaint: (Service Provider)

In Service Provide Portal (Vendor) we have the option of notification in that we have add one more option for pending list of complaints.
One Alerts broadcast to all staff for pending complaints, if staff have no pending then no need to send, need option for time of broadcast.

2. HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

In Master Portal we have the option for Dynamic form where user can contact us and then we have provide them form if needed.


Where user can add the request type field and type of values.

If user have to add the value from customer portal, they need to activate the service by default it will be off.

In Setting Option there is option for setting the Request type, Request Subtype, Holiday List, Request Group type.
From where use can add the type of request: Leave Request, Loan Request, Complaint Request etc, need to add the subtype of that request type.
From setting HR or Super admin can add the Holiday list can add the approval team and apply team.

Service Management                         Role Management                                   Add Settings

Screenshot_3Screenshot_4            Screenshot_5

Add Request
In Request Management user have the option to add the request in three different Steps.
Where they have to add the request type in first step, In second step user need to add the sub-request type, Date Amount and different dynamic data as per first step.

Step: 1

Step: 2

Step: 3


In third step user need to conform the Request Information and can submit the form.

Approve or Reject
Once the Request is added then Approval team need to approve or reject the request If, they approve then the Requested person will know that request is accepted and if the approval team reject the ticket then they need to add the reason for the reject.

Screenshot_9    Screenshot_10
Pending List                                                                           Reject Reason

Cancel the Request
Once the user add request and if he need to cancel the request then user can click on the ticket and then can cancel the ticket.


3. Security (Key change)

Change all encryption keys for All (Production and Sandbox) Environments for safety and security of our products.

4. Dashboard for Project Management

In Application we have added the charts for Project management for installation, Commissioning, Handover there are five charts for project management Charts are provided base on the access of the user have if the user have the access to Project Management then only they can view the chart based on role.

  • Installation – Accepted VS Pending
  • Commissioning – InProgress VS Pending
  • Handover – Handed Over VS Pending
  • Employee Average Time of
  • Outlet – Installation

Where the user can download the charts and also can select the date for data.


5. Improvements

In Improvement we have cover 8 points which is for customer and service provider.

5.1 Calculation of Charts

In Current Dashboard charts there was mistake in calculation and there are few changes regarding text and data point of view so changed that

  • The Calculation of average time of employee
  • Employee Average Time
  • Complaint Open VS Close
  • Total Complaints and Average Time
  • Average Time – Internal VS service Provider
  • Service Provider Average Time

5.2 Landing Screen UI for Application

In Landing Screen we have the 5 module so for that we have change the UI of home screen where the module are covered 3*2 Paths.


5.3 Using same Email Id In Service Provider (Duplicate)

In Customer portal already created 2 service Provider using same email id after this Service provider add in any other customer that time 2 service

5.4 Upload and deleted Image

In Complaint management the services off verify is off then the user can add the or deleted the Images.

5.5 Deleted User Received Notification

User delete the staff from customer or vendor portal, then still notification is received in Device (Android & iOS) for any action get performed in application

5.6 Outlet Id is display as user is login as Manager Role

In Assets Management we have Outlet where user click on “+” to open the outlet details but in that place where it should display Outlet id, it is displaying Outlet name in place of ID.