1. Notification Setting

In Notification setting the user can do setting as per their need for notification, which notification is needed so they can allow the notification which notification are not needed will be stop.
The notification setting is for below modules:

1.1 Complaint management
1.2 Preventive Maintenance
1.3 Project Management
1.4 Chat/ Communication


2. HRMS Service

In HRMS we have added calendar view and holiday added and list of holidays, we have added the history of all the request. We have added the charts of HRMS to get better idea of the all the request.

3. Notification Outlet Base

Here, In vendor portal and apps we have added the notification outlet base, the user who have the access of the outlet only that outlet will receive the notification.

4. Dashboard charts of communication for Application

In Dashboard we have added the chart of communication for application where the charts are:

  • Chat Uses
  • Chat User
  • Chat Department
  • SMS Uses
  • SMS User
  • SMS Department
  • Email User
  • Email Uses
  • Email Department Base

5. Preventive Maintenance Deep linking

In Preventive Maintenance Deep Linking where user can directly go to the Preventive maintenance tickets.

6. Improvement

Verify Change: Verify status off that time created complaint complete but go to the assets & update assets info like outlet change that time alert display complaint is pending, so need to set assets update in complete status also

Remove Change Option: If customer or vendor have only single customer and vendor access that time no need show change option.

Remove Tab Option: In chat screen, we have Default Group & Custome Group tab, if there are no custom group then it should be hide for the custom.

Screen Change: If user do Signup from web or app for Employee signup then we should display the outlet assignee screen for that user.

TAT: Change TAT calculation change, now it will count from create complaint to complete complaint.

7. Refresh Button In Complaint Management

Add reference Button option in detail screen of complaint and comment list screen for updates of the ticket in complaint.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

8. Rate Card

In rate card we have added the option to add the Quote in 2 different ways.
8.1 Manually and
8.2 Add document

Where user can add the rate-card details manually by adding each and every field, and in another way where they can add the document and send the Quotation and get approval.
Each time when user edit the Quotation need to get the approval from customer after that only can start the work.
In Rate card we have add on QTY option in list and in adding screen from where the user can get the Item QTY easily.
Manually and Upload 2 options.

Customer Accept Or decline option:


9. Client Reported Points

Zip Code: Malaysia zip-code size 5, our validation 6-8 digit, so not work

Remove Opening Date: Malaysia zip-code size 5, our validation 6-8 digit, so not work

Auto select Customer selection: suppose new customer send invites to vendor that time we have auto-selected in customer selection in apps and web
Vendor directly bind with customer: while customer invites to vender if vendor is not chosen customer location that time, we are not show in service provider assignment, we need this

Preventive Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance for TSB, take much time, ASAP need to find solution, within 1-day number of users start complaint about data not load in PM. for me it takes 1 min to load 20 records in calendar and List view.

Assets Sample file: Customer portal: not able to download assets sample file, console have some error there.

Asset Manual vendor side changes: Complaint module with disabled manual then after it show in vendor portal, it should be disabled if customer deactivates this service, only active for activate customer only.

Currency changes: Customer and Vendor both register in Malaysia then after it show ₹ sign in all place

Complaint Description: complaint description long then not able see full details, need to show full details.

Refresh Complaint: Jayesh & Avinash: Pune MO have android phone and complaint about not refresh complaint both phones but still not get the update complaint.

PM Data: PM list screen, Showing Loader and No record found at same time show.