1. Reopen Complaint

In complaint management we have option of complaint reopen and verify, but here we have added addition option for reopen after verify.

In setting we have the option to reopen after complaint closed, now we have to add the days, we will give 6 hours, 12 houses, 1 day, 2 day… Up to 90 day’s option to select by customer. Here we have to add the option for Re-open the complaint base on the dynamic day’s, Customer can set this for complaint and Preventive Maintenance tickets.

Default this option disabled for old and new customer, if customer want to enabled then they can do it.

1.1 Verify Complaint

The verification will have validity of 30days from the completion date, and the auto-verification will be done/hide 30th day after the completion date.


2. Escalation Email Consolidate Mail

In escalation we need to add the setting for consolidate mail is required or not, if user need this option then need to active the service and add the time for the main and the user information so they will get the mail on the subscribe time and also get the all the mails in single mail for the same user but for multiple tickets.


3. Create Charts for Dashboard

The Service Provide Dashboard has 3 modules for chart which are define below

3.1 Complaint Management

In Service Provider the complaint which are worked on by any staff of service provider team then they will get all information of all the complaint, here below is the list of charts which are added in complaint management of Service Provider.

  • Complaint Status
  • Total Complains and Average Time
  • Complaint Response Time
  • Employee – Average Time
  • Customers – Most complaints
  • Complaints Accept Vs Declined
  • Quote Accepted Vs Declined


3.2 Project Management

In Project Management the charts show counts of project management tickets and data point of view it is used, here below is the list of charts.

  • Installation – Accepts Vs Pending
  • Commissioning – In Progress Vs Pending
  • Handover – Handed Over Vs Pending
  • Employee Average Time of Installation
  • Outlet – Installation


3.3 Communications

The Communication chart show to user the count of Mail, OTP and Chat so user can get idea of uses, below is the list of charts.

  • Chat User
  • Chat Uses
  • Chat Department
  • Email User
  • Email Uses
  • Email Department
  • SMS User
  • SMS Uses
  • SMS Department


4. Analytics Report

The report is there at Service Provider application, so in this release we have provided the filter option in report, so in filter we have include the information of Complaint, Date and Location.

  • Complaint information are:
  • Assigned to
  • Performed By
  • Title
  • Status
  • Date: where the user has to select the date From – To.
  • Location are:
  • Zone
  • City
  • Outlet

User can Rest and submit the filter as per their need.

Screenshot_6    Screenshot_7

5. Delete role from Role management

In Setting of Customer and Service Provide we have option of Role Management from where user can add the role, so we have added now delete option once the role is added and the user want to delete the role then they can use this functionality.


Once the User delete any role then needs to change the staff of that user from that role and add that staff in another role. User can change the role of staff in bulk as well by using the Bulk Change Role which is define in Image.


6. Add Customers and Service Provide

The user needs to register in Customer and Service Provider Portal then need to contact TeroTAM Support Team and they will add the Customer and Service Provider.
Add Customer: Add Customer from Master


Add Customer: Add Customer from Master


7. Password Reset and Delete

The main super admin adds any staff and provide them role of Super admin then the staff password should be reset and the staff should be deleted from the staff management

8. Improvement

8.1 Text Change: Outlet to Location

In Customer and Service Provide Application and Web we have change the text of “Outlet to Location”.

8.2 Chat Group Name

In Chat we have change the text of “Default Group to Staff Group” and “Guest Group to Customer Group”.

8.3 Quotation to Quotation Pending

In Service Provide Application and Web we have change the text of “Quotation to Quotation Pending”.

8.4 Preventive Maintenance

In Customer Application and Web, we have changed the text of “View Complaint to Raised Complaint”.

8.5 Dashboard Chart

In Dashboard charts, there is option of download chart on click user need to select the fields and the chart directly download so in that place we have added submit option so now user have to click on submit then only charts data will be download.