In Sprint 21.1 we are providing the advanced service of Preventive Maintenace and Assets Management.

Preventive Maintenance: We have the advanced feature and module in Preventive Maintenance where user can all the best facilities and smart work efficient.

1. Preventive Maintenance Attachment

1.1 In preventive maintenance we have added the feature of attachment in the Preventive Maintenance ticket.

1.2 In setting option, we have provided their setting for selecting total attachment can be possible in single Preventive Maintenance Task
1.3 Once the setting done and user schedule the Preventive Maintenance, and then in detail Task of Preventive Maintenance, user will find attachment option to add the file, image, etc.

2. Preventive Maintenance Frequency

2.1 In Preventive Maintenance we have option to select frequency, but in this version, we have added the option of multiple frequency and also the END Date option is there.

2.2 In Preventive Setting there is option to add the assets from were user have to add the activity.

2.3 In which frequency and END date is included, where frequency is mandatory and END Date in not Mandatory.
2.4 User have multiple option of Frequency based on Days, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, yearly.

2.5 Where “days “have option of: Every day, every 2 day, every 3 days, every 4 days, every 5, every 6 days. As we have weekly option so need to provide the option for Every 7 days. In days we need option for like day also where we need to add the days like Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday, we need to add one more option like from which date this setting for PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE assets will work till which date. In custom option it will be selection of multiple.
2.6 Where “Monthly”: In Month we need to add the information and option like frequency, if user select frequency= Months then we have to provide.

Dropdown option like monthly, every 2 months, every 3 Month (We have this option as quarterly, every 4 Month, every 5 months, every 6 days (We have option for every half month), Every 7 months, every 8 month Every 10 month, every 11 months, every 12 months (We have yearly option in current flow). There will be custom month option like January, February, March, April. May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. In customer option use can select multiple options like (March and December)

2.7 Where “Quarterly”: In Quarterly there is option of Every Quarter, Every 2 Quarter, Every 3 Quarter, Every 4 Quarter.

2.8 Where “Yearly”: In Year we need to add the information and option like frequency, if user select frequency= month then we have to provide dropdown option like Yearly (We have this option in setting, every 2 Years, every 3 Years, every 4 Year, every 5 Year, every 6 year, every 7 year, every 8 year, every 9 year, every 10 year.) Custome year option is there for Year.

3. Preventive Maintenance Performance Improvement

We have increased the performance of Preventive Maintenance, by Improving the code, by changing the design of calendar view, by posting calendar view at second tab.

4. Preventive Maintenance Single Date change

4.1 There is new option to change the single date of Preventive Maintenance, that task should be in upcoming so user can change the date.

4.2 Schedule date can be change accordingly user, and it will not repeat it will be for single task itself.

5. Preventive Maintenance Schedule, Multiple Delete Option, Multiple Pass & Fail

5.1 Preventive Maintenance Schedule Delete:

Once any Preventive Maintenance is schedule and user want to delete than can go to schedule option and delete the assets which are not needed.

5.2 Preventive Maintenance Single Delete:

The task of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE single task can be deleted; it can be deleted in 3 different tabs

5.3 Preventive Maintenance Multiple Delete:

In preventive we have Provided option of Multiple deletes, where user can have the option to select more than one ticket to delete the Multiple Preventive Maintenance

5.4 Preventive Maintenance Pass and fail Multiple:

User will have now option to select more than one ticket and can perform pass or fail at time.

5.5 Preventive Maintenance add activity:

Select the assets and based on that asset’s selection user can have the option to add activity on those select PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ticket.

6. Preventive Maintenance Report

6.1 In Preventive Maintenance Report we have option to create report for single report and multiple report.

6.2 IN details screen you can see the count of report pending, so user can click on it and GOTO “Preventive Maintenance Report”.

6.3 In Preventive Maintenance Report, we have option of Activity Details, where user can select more than one option, this is first step of reports.
6.4 In second step there will be option of Customer details, where details will be by default added.
6.5 In last we have the option of adding signature, and then submit the report, Report will be generated successfully.
6.6 User can have the option of report View, Download and Share option.

7. Preventive Maintenance alert mail

User can have daily pending update alert mail for Preventive Maintenance, for that user have to do setting based on that time user will get the mail. This setting is done from PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE setting> Preference

8. Assets Management in Application

8.1 There is the option of assets management in application, where user can add/Edit/Delete option.

8.2 Add Assets in app same as parent child method, where firs
t need to add parent and based on that child can be added, For Ex: Equipment category, Equipment, Brand, Model, Serial No.

8.3 The added assets will be listed in list screen of assets management from where user can check the assets by filtering the option (Equipment category, Equipment, Brand, Model, Serial No.)
8.4 User can scan QR to get the details of assets with location details, Remark, Attachment, Complaint details, Preventive Maintenance information.

8.5 There is option of view assets details and can check warranty and price of assets and another user full information

8.6 In Assets Management we have the option of reminder to set the reminder for assets to get completion of warranty, for service, for renew the assets, etc.

9. Assets Depreciation

9.1 In service management need to add the option of Assets Depreciation, by default service will be OFF
9.2 Setting> Asset’s service > Depreciation: In setting we have option of Depreciation to add the type of Assets, by default there will be 3 options of Asset Type are: vehicle and Machinery, Plat and Machinery, Building.
9.3 Asset Depreciation will be role base access.
9.4 Add Depreciation: For adding Asset’s depreciation user must have role, once they have role in side menu, they will have option of depreciation and in that screen, user have option at top right “+Depreciation”.
9.5 The information needs to be added in form are: Select Type, Remark, Asset’s detail and submit, once it is added it will be display in list.
9.6 There are 2 methods 2 calculate the assets depreciation: 1. SLM (Straight Line Method) and 2. WDV (Written Down Value).
9.7 User can create report based on above methods report includes: Date, Location, Depreciation Type, Customer Details, Assets Details, Depreciation Details.

10. Improvements

10.1 SMS: (DLT Implementation): We have integrated update version/service of DLT for SMS integration in our product, to get update on mobile via SMS.

10.2 Customer detail Profile: We have developed and deployed in our portal, If user want to see the detail information of any customer than can check by click on user name.

10.3 Instant Gallery Should Open (Android): if allow then gallery should open, if deny then should not open until allow again.

10.4 Dial and Email icon: comment tab & remark tab > dial & email icon should be show for Android APK

10.5 Security Points: Add Pro-Guard in Customer and Service Provider Android Application.
Technical Support

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