In Sprint 21.2 we are providing the advance service of Preventive Maintenace, Security, Enquiry Management, Budget and Expense, and others improvements.

1. Dynamic Enquiry Management

In Enquiry setting their option for Dynamic and Default form of user don’t need dynamic form than user can have Default form with Basic fields First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Location, Zip code, Description.

While creating dynamic form in enquiry, where user have to add form name, Field and type of value.

At single time user can add multiple form, and can use it.

Once user add the Dynamic form, from the setting option than that can be visible in Enquiry Management.

In Enquiry Management there will be option create Enquiry and submit the form.

Once the enquiry is created than it will be listed in the enquiry management list screen. The enquiry will be in pending list.

Here is the dynamic option of Create Enquiry, so user can create and the access person can work on it.


Once the Enquiry is created successfully, user can have the listing of the created Enquiry, from where they can have Stauts and other information as well.


In detail screen user will have different status based on work flow, Assignee to, Start, Pause, Complete, Reopen.

2. Preventive Maintenance Setting

In Preventive Maintenance Setting there is option of Edit and delete option for setting activity.

3. Preventive Maintenance Reminder

In Preventive Maintenance Reminder there is option in that we have added the Reminder option in Detail Screen.

4. FCM Changes

In FCM there is new update which make the notification in speed and also in improved form for each and modules.

5. Desktop Applications

For website there is new feature to get every module in Desktop application, where we have developed for customer and Vendor. In single click user will have all module to work on.

6. Budget and Expense

In Budget and expense there is option in setting for default and dynamic form with budget type, expense type, Preference. Once setting done user can have budget and expense module.

In budget and expense where user can add the budget and expense from defined tabs. In top right there is option of Adding Budget customer can add there budget as per there team.

6.1 Add Budget

Customer can add the Budget for their recorded to be stored successfully. Once the Budget is added successfully user can have listed in listing screen.

In budget and expense there is the option of Report, Filter, Search with listing with download, edit, View and delete.

6.2 Add Expense

In Expense there is the option from where team can add their expense for their food, accommodation Etc.

7. Assets Custom Feild

In Assets custom field we have option in Assets management detail screen where you can check the custom field in application and web.

For Application:

8. Support Chat Option

By on single-clicking user can contact and do live chat with us. Here below are the Screen for connecting us.


9. Security

For Security we have implement 3 tasks of security to make our customer and vendor portal secure

9.1 Implement Re-Captcha on login, signup and forgot-password screen

  1. Implement Re-Captcha on login, signup and forgot-password screen for the security and safety of TeroTAM Products. The main purpose of a Re-Captcha system is to block spambots while allowing human users.
  2. Re-Captcha is a common system to verify a human is a human on websites and can stop brute force attacks reCAPTCHA v2 (“I’m not a robot” Checkbox)
  3. The “I’m not a robot” Checkbox requires the user to click a checkbox indicating the user is not a robot. This will either pass the user immediately (with No CAPTCHA) or challenge them to validate whether or not they are human. This is the simplest option to integrate with and only requires two lines of HTML to render the checkbox.
  4. ReCAPTCHA prevents any spam or bots from entering data into fields on your site. This can include fake comments on posts, emails, fraudulent transactions, contact form entries and fake registration submissions.
  5. ReCAPTCHA is owned by Google. It uses advanced techniques, with the latest version being able to filter out suspicious visitors without the need for a manual puzzle being solved. They look through your history of entering ReCAPTCHA in the past on your IP address and offer clues that can determine whether you’re a bot or not.

9.2 Security Bug: Vendor Android: Broken Authentication and Session Management (On Logout)

  1. Vulnerability Exploited Broken Authentication and Session Management (On Logout)
  2. Vulnerability Path
  3. Vulnerability Explanation
  4. Application fails to invalidate user session as soon as the user logout from his/heraccount, which allows a stored request to be played again even after logging out of theapplication.
  5. The application fails to invalidate user session even after he/she logout from theiraccounts.
  6. Steps to reproduce: 1. Save a request in the repeater and logout from the currentsession in the present browser. 2. After few minutes replay the request in the repeater.3. Server is responding to the request.
  7. Make sure the application invalidates user session from server-side as soon as user logsout of the application.