In Sprint 21.3 where we are providing the advance service of Preventive Maintenace, Advance Automated Report, Deep linking, PWA, Enquiry Management, and other Assets, Enquiry, Email, comments, Improvement.

1. Preventive Maintenance Checklist

For Preventive Maintenance Checklist service first need to subscribe the service from Preventive Maintenance Setting–>> Preferences, where the option of Preventive Maintenance Checklist will be off by default.

Once user subscribes the service then there will be 3 tabs in Preventive Maintenance Setting–>> Assets, Preferences and one dynamic tab for Checklist.

Checklist Tab will have option to add the “+Checklist”, where there will be default form one and another user can add as per there need, also Default form will have option of add and edit. For Creating new form need to click on “+ Checklist”, form will open where user can add “Title, Checklist Activity, Type of value”. Where user can create dynamic form as they need which required and nonrequired functionality.

Once it is added it will be listed in the listing screen with detail information which is added by user.

Once it is Schedule from the Preventive Maintenance there will be option while scheduling in action for Edit Checklist.

In Preventive Maintenance, where scheduler is done, and the task appears in open tab which need to pending or need to complete today.

In listing there will be option of “Location Management”, “City”, “Assets”, “Action”: Where on click on row there will be option to view the listing of Assets based on selected location.

From Lising there will be option of Checklist, for view and clear check list, this Checklist will be open from detail screen there will be option of checklist.

2. Preventive Maintenance Attachment

In Activity Checklist there will be detail information of Preventive Maintenace Checklist.

Where we have to add the mandatory fields with attachment, Remark and submit. The form will be dynamic for checklist details and information.

Once the checklist is completed then, it will be shown in report with all data of check list.

3. Preventive Maintenance Filter

In Preventive Maintenace Filter there will be option of Preventive Maintenance Detail as (Assignee to, Title, Performed By, Created Date), In location (Zone, City, Location), Assets will be based on your Assets management service subscription (Assets Category, Assets, Brand, Model no, Serial no).

There will be Reset and submit option is for generating the Preventive Maintenance report.

Based on this filter user can download the data report of Preventive Maintenance Filter, and by Reset user can reset the data of filter.

4. Preventive Maintenance Print

In Preventive Maintenance Print have 3 major step to perform to have the print of Preventive Maintenance Activity.

Step: 1

In sept one we will have the option of Select Tab option for Open, Completed, Upcoming. Where user can select single or multiple Status of Preventive Maintenance. There is date selection option to select the date, and click on Next to move further.

Step: 2

In Step two there will be option of select location based on Status open completed and upcoming, it can be select single, multiple, and select all option.

Step: 3

In Step Three there will be option to select Assets based on selected location and Status, and after that user can download the option of print.

5. Preventive Maintenance at Service Provider side

At Customer side we have to provide the setting of Preventive Maintenance at Service Provider side. By default, it will be off.

Once the Preventive Maintenance is assignee to service provider than they access to work on Preventive Maintenance.

Service Provider>>Service Management- At service provider side need to allow the access of Preventive Maintenance from Service Management.

Service Provider>> Role Management – At Service Provider side we have to provide Preventive Maintenance based on Role, where the role will be assigned to staff according their responsibility.

Customer Portal>> Preventive Maintenance – In Customer Portal we have to provide the ticket of Preventive Maintenace to service provider, so while scheduling the Preventive Maintenance.

GOTO “Schedule Preventive Maintenance” select location and Add Global Activity based on assets, Information needs to be added at global are: “Assets”, “Activity”, “Assignee Type”, “Service Provider.

Once above mention information is added then user can submit the global information and it will be assigned to service provider.

This ticket will be display at both side customer and service provide side, at customer side it will show ticket only but no button to perform any task/ticket.

Service provider can Pass or Fail the ticket of Preventive Maintenance from the details.

If User pass the complaint, then it will be assigned to customer. If Preventive Maintenance ticket is pass then it will display in completed tab. The pass ticket of If fail then complaint raised and directly assigned to service provider.

Where the complaint will be in accept or decline in the Complaint Management for work on complaint ticket, which will be work same as complaint management flow.

6. Advance Automated Report

Advance Automated Report is useful to find subscribe the data based on filter and service where the subscribed data will be display in mail for short information of complaint tickets.

In Subscribe service there will be option to set time and on subscription so, they can get mail on the time on daily basis.

Where filter is based on complaint Management Location and assets, In complaint management it has (Assignee to, Status, and created on) at Location (Zone, City, Location) is given and at Assets (The full assets chain is display for Equipment, Equipment Category, Brand, Model, Serial no)

The mail be displayed as above for advance automated reports, with the details of filtered data and sheet of advance automated report data/ information.

7. Assets Management Search option

In Assets Management there is search option for searching the data of location and service provider.

8. MY FMS Application

We have created an application for customer for dynamic theme changes like color, logo and design improvement with modification. Which is live now in Google Play store (Android) and App store (iOS).

9. Deep Linking For customer portal complaint Management

At customer portal we have provided the option for deep linking for complaint management charts.

Where click on charts data and it will appear a pop-up to select and download the specific data.

Where the charts are as below:
9.1 Complaints Status
9.2 Equipment Category – TAT
9.3 Employee average time
9.4 Location – most complaint
9.5 Complaint title/ Nature of issue – Most
9.6 Equipment category – Most complaint
9.7 Equipment – Most complaint
9.8 Brand – Most complaint
9.9 Model – Most complaint
9.10 Serial no – Most complaint
9.11 Complaint Open vs Closed
9.12 Complaint Accept Vs Decline
9.13 Compliant response time
9.14 Total complaint and average time
9.15 Average time- Internal VS Service provider 16. Complaint Internal Vs Service provider
9.16 Service provider average time
9.17 Service provider most repair

10.PWA at service provider side

At service provider side the implementation is done for PWA, which stand for

“Progressive Web Application”.

Which is used from anywhere any time from your Pc or laptop/desktop, they can perform all the modules of Service provider web portal.

11. Enquiry Management Analytics and widget option

In analytics option there need to add the option of Enquiry Management charts where charts are:

11.1 Enquiry Management Status
11.2 Enquiry management Open Vs Close
11.3 Accepted Vs decline
11.4 Pending Vs In-progress
11.5 Type Enquiry Management

The chart will be display based on filter, by default 1 week date will select.

12. Enquiry Management Decline option

At Enquiry Management we have to provide the option of Declined enquiry, where in Enquiry there will 3 tabs: Enquiry Management, Decline and customer, where in Enquiry generates and it will display in listing screen of Enquiry. Goto Detail screen there will be option of Assignee to Accept and decline.

If accept then will for as per flow, it will work and if user decline then needs to add the comment for decline the Enquiry.

customer decline the enquiry it will be display in decline tab of enquiry management.

13. Improvement

13.1 Assignee + All List Screen Search Add

Need to add the option of assignee and search option at customer and service provider side to make the easy and fast for searching and assigning the tickets.

13.2 Assets management:Scan QR

While scan the QR code need to able to add and see added complaint also Preventive Maintenance details there to direct view the link with scanning QR code option as shown below.


13.3 Email Notification

Email notification for vendor, if this active then vendor will get complaint

notification while manual assign or auto-assignment.

13.4 Comment Edit and Delete

The option of comment edits and delete at complaint management of customer and service provider, where user can edit and delete the complaint comment.

14. Bug Reported By clients

14.1 Rate card (Service provider side)

In rate card if user add 3 items but once report is created successfully and afterthat user check it shows 2 items only.

14.2 Re-open Reason (Service Provider)

Once the complaint is created successfully and the work is done by respect person based on roles and responsibility. Were the complaint gets reopen and user must need to add the reason for it, which will display in activities.

14.3 Attachment for Service Provider

at customer side the limit is based on setting, from there customer can add the attachment based on that limit, it will e same at service provider side, where service provider can attach the same file size limit (For now it is 10)

14.4 Rate card Quotation:

(Customer)At service provider side, user need to add the pricing on rate card, but when usercheck at customer side it shows different for Quotation provided & approved.

14.4 Rate Card Quantity Different

At Service Provider Side In rate card (Android and iOS) has different Quantity so need to cross check and corrected the Quantity. Where iOS has 1 Quantity, need to correct that.

14.5 Need to add limit in reason

In comment reason there was a limit from 10 to 50 so we have increase it till 200 characters.