In Sprint 21.3.1 where we are providing the service of Complaint Management, Analytics and reports, Assets Management, communication, Task management, and Improvements. It will be more useful and productive to all users.

1. Delete ticket list and filter option

In complaint management have provided the option of filter with deleted status. Also, in column of status delete option is there. All the deleted tickets are listed.

2. filter with Date option, need date base pages option

In complaint management there are 3 option Default, Location and Date option, so now need to add the Filter of date option in Date tab.

So, by selecting a single date there will be list for complaint where all the tickets are listed successfully.

3. App Quick Overview with filter option

In quick overview we have added the option of filter where All, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last week, Last 30 days, Last month, Current Year, Last Year.
This filter will apply on all quick filter charts like: Complaint management, Project Management, Preventive Maintenance, Communication, Task Management, Enquiry Management.


4. Complaint Management Re-Assignee ticket

In Complaint Management we have to provide the re-assignee option once the ticket is assignee to service provider, then service provider sends Quotation and customer accept the Quotation then customer can assignee.

5. Analytics>>Dashboard – Case Category (Turn Around Time- TAT)

In Analytics >> Dashboard>> Complaint Management: Have added the option of filter for data and downloading the data of TAT, it is done in Application and web.

6. Comment Tab complaint attachment

In Complaint Management there is option of attachment were user can attach the photos, video, files.

7. Chat Group: Remove unnecessary group

In communication the functionality of remove the group which is added based on role, where info icon there is option of delete.

8. Communication: Attachment option

In communication (chat) option there have added the option of attachment from where user can add Photos, Video, Document, it can be send and receive to user like Whats App.

9. Assets Management Chart

In Assets Management there is option for chart where user can check the count of assets based on chain Like Assets category, Assets Module name, Assets Brand, Asset’s module, just most child we don’t have to consider. There is the option for deep linking chart to download and get data.

10. Task Management Delete and Decline

In Task Management we have added the option of Stauts where we have added the option of Delete and Decline status to list out the task ticket of deleted and declined.

11. Analytics Dashboard – Vendor base – TAT

In Analytics Dashboard, we have added the option for Service provider side TAT (Turn Around Time) to calculate the hours of ticket based on TAT.

12. Improvement

12.1 Attachment Limit

In Complaint Management and in Preventive Maintenance we have added the of attachment limit for customer and service provider.

12.2 Project Management Activity Log

In Project Management have added the Activity log for all 11 steps where user can filter and find who have worked on which steps.

12.3 Advance Automated Report

In Advance Automated Report we have added the information filter like: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, yearly and also setting option of Do you want all data (start) or previous data.

13. Bug Reported By clients

13.1 QR Scan >> Assets screen

In Application, from assets management when user scan QR code then it shows the Location details screen but it should show Assets details screen.

13.2 Pm checklist different data show

In Preventive Maintenance the checklist data was incorrect during data entry, so changes done and update.

13.3 HRMS

Attendance optionIn HRMS there is option for attendance for staff should be show and display properly based on staff and check-out and check-in text issue.