1. Preventive Maintenance

1.1 Preventive Maintenance Filter Status

There is status of filter for Preventive Maintenace, where status is: Pending, Completed, Upcoming, Pause, verify, Opened, Passed, Auto Closed, Failed and deleted.


1.2 Preventive Maintenance Flow with Pause, Reopen and verify

We will provide extra 3 status which are Pause, Verify and reopen. Also add the column of status. In preventive maintenance there 3 option current, open, completed, upcoming so now we are going to add 2 more Status which are verified and deleted. Where the deleted will have the list of delete preventive maintenance, the details will:


  1. Pm ticket number
  2. assets information
  3. location information
  4. schedule by
  5. assignee to
  6. deleted by
  7. Scheduled date

Where verified will have the option of below:

  1. Pm ticket number assets information
  2. location information
  3. schedule by
  4. assignee to
  5. verified by
  6. verified date and time
  7. Scheduled date

Setting option

In Setting option of Preventive maintenance there are 2 tabs Asset’s preference where the preference will have option 2 option for setting, on hold/ Pause and Verified.

1. On Hold/Pause: By default, paused status and button will be off, if user need this option, then need to subscribe/on the button to work on preventive maintenance
2. Verified: By default, verified status and button will be off, if user need this option, then need to subscribe/on the button to work on preventive maintenance.
3. Reopen: By default, reopen status and button will be off, if user need this option, then need to subscribe/on the button to work on preventive maintenance. After pass reopen option will be there.


1.3 Preventive Maintenance Dashboard

In analytics, we have option of preventive maintenance so need to add the charts for: Open vs Paused, and completed vs Verified it will be based on role and also based on setting option.


1.4 Preventive Maintenance three types of view:

In Preventive Maintenance we have to provide the option of view with 3 types were below is the option for that

1.4.1 Default: In default, we have to show the default option like complaint management, n PM default we have to add the option of Table fields like- PM Ticket No, Activity, Type of PM(Location), Schedule Date, Time Left, Assine by, Action.


1.4.2 Date: Date option need to show the option of Calendar view for preventive maintenance.

1.4.3 Location: Location will same as the option which we have added in PM currently.

1.5 TAT For Preventive Maintenance

In Preventive maintenance while scheduling the task we have to provide the TAT for those PM need to set TAT time, so if TAT goes above then super admin and the user will get notification like time is 4 hours and it take 8 hours then, user will get notification.



1.6 Preventive Maintenance Time in Activity

In Preventive Maintenance setting we need to provide the option of Date and time, where customer can add the         date and time for preforming the Preventive Maintenance ticket multiple time in a single day.

In setting>> Pm setting> Assets>> there will be option to set the time for Asset’s title where Asset’s checklist and      TAT will be added as per need and then need to add the Set time based on activity.


1.7 Glance of Count

In Preventive Maintenace, we have to provide the option of glance where we have to show the option like: Open-10, Completed-20, Pause-90, SLA Violations (Out TAT) =99.


1.8 Preventive Maintenance SLA

PM have multiple status like complaint. Open/ Pending, Upcoming, On Hold/ Paused, Completed, Verified with SLA violation. Need to provide the option in setting for SLA where user have to add the SLA in assets so Preventive Maintenance time is set for 4 hours and the task gets complete in 7 hours than that ticket will be count as SLA.


1.9 Preventive Maintenace at service provider side

At service provider user can fill checklist after that can pass preventive Maintenance ticket. Create report for Preventive Maintenance at single and multiple report. Multiple Pass, Fail, Delete, Create Report and Assignee option.

1.10 Preventive Maintenance Report

In Preventive Maintenance Report After Pm is passed, then need to provide the option of create report for PM, if user click on cancel it will be move to bucket of PM Report.

1.11 Deep linking Of Preventive Maintenance from Overview

In Overview of Home screen, we have added the option of Deep linking to view the tickets of Preventive Maintenance so user can have direct filtered tickets of PM


1.12 Preventive Maintenance Edit and delete

In Preventive Maintenance Detail Screen, Comment section have the option of to add the comment so here we have added the addition option of Edit and delete the comment as well user can add the attachment in comment.


1.13 Preventive Maintenance vendor declined not to delete

At Service provider side need to add the option of decline in the Preventive Maintenance in place of delete. So, service provider can decline the ticket and will re-assignee to customer.

2. Assets Management

2.1 Customer field QR code

In QR code we have provider the option of setting for custom field, where the customer will be select and it will display in QR code sticker or QR code option.


2.2 QR code Design should be Square

we have QR code in square but it was not pointed, so need to change the design in to exact square with sharp corner.

2.3 Assets Search

Assets Management have the option of assets to be search now, we have added the option for Global search.


2.4 Assets Location based

In Application all the assets serial number is showing in detail screen of Equipment category (Main Parent) Need to show all the assets serial number based on Location.

2.5 Assets Serial no sorting

In Application all the assets serial number is showing in detail screen of Equipment category (Main Parent) Need to show all the assets should be in sorting form.

2.6 Scan QR code

In QR code need to provide the changes of asset base Nature of issue, title with pagination.

2.7 Custome Field Duplicate

In Assets service >> modules>>Custom field should not duplicate for same Assets.

3. Vendor invoice

In setting user can subscribe the service of Vendor invoice and then only it will applicable for complaint management tickets.
By Default, the service will be off, if user need then they can subscribe the services, and there will be option for need invoice at service provider, by default it will be off, user have to subscribe if needed.

In Vendor invoice we have the option of upload the file now in this launce we have add the option of dynamic form from where the customer and service provider can add their invoice and by conforming the ticket.

Once the service provider adds the invoice then customer can accept the invoice and service provide can work on the ticket

Screenshot_18        Screenshot_19        Screenshot_20

the invoice will be added in the report once the complaint is completed and verify successfully.

Screenshot_21      Screenshot_22

4. Complaint Management

4.1 Date Option

In Complaint management need to add date option for All the tad like, Default,Location base in both filters need to add the date option.

4.2 Detail Screen

In Complaint management in detail screen need to changes the assets details screen.

5. Improvement

5. 1 Design expand collapse

Need to provide the option of Expand and collapse for all module for customerand service provider.

5.2 Preventive Maintenance Report Edit

Need to provide the option to edit the report of Preventive Maintenance so user can edit report for their changes and update to be reflect.

5.3 Attachment not show on pm checklist report

In PM Report have provided the option of attachment with checklist in report toview the attached document, files, images.

5.4 PM Print Option

In PM Print Option need to provide the changes in files which is downloaded after the PM Print Option is selected: Changes Name with Date, need-to-do Grouping, need to add one default column with remark.

5.5 PM Fail Status need to add

In PM Overview the status of fail needs to add with deep lining and count of failtickets should be correct

5.6 Vendor Invoice

In vendor invoice need to provide the Invoice can’t see even after verified, in vendor should not be complaint base.
– Invoice pdf quality needs to be improved. currently getting pixelated.
– Invoice comment and description mandatory – Tax class 4 should be default

5.7 Assets Management

Assets can be bulk upload the data and file in different sequence, with emailservice provider, location.

6. Bugs

6.1 Multiple document

In Chat, where we add the attachment need to provide the option of selectingmultiple documents, video, Etc.

6.2 Overview deep-linking

In one Client account there was an issue for Deep linking in overview incomplaint management for Android Application.

6.3 Approve and Decline option

In one customer there was the issue of button where user was not able to view the approve and decline button missing from iOS if the quotation was sent by Service provider and meanwhile customer assigned complaint to self.