1. Assets Reminder

In Assets management, there is advance option of custom field to be added as reminder option, where we have to select with type and data like String, Number, Date.

Once custom fields are added based on string, date and number then in assets management need to provide the option of Assets reminder to set it and get reminder.

Once the user adds Reminder and add the field for: Title, Type, Schedule Date, Schedule Time, Reminder before, Description.

Once the all details added successfully, then user will get the notification based on the Asset’s reminder.

2. PM Checklist base Assets and Location

In PM Setting option there will be Preferences for PM custom label BY default it will be off, once user on it then it will be active.

In PM setting there will 3 tab and new tab is custom label there is the option of adding the custom label.

Once the Custom label is added successfully then user can edit and delete the custom label option.
In Add activity there is Fields which we need to add where Assets/ Custom Label and Once it is added then “+Add More Activity” like Activity, Frequency, Start Date, End Date, Reminder, Action.


Preventive Maintenance have the option of Add Activity and scheduling the PM, where scheduling is the same as old but the Add Activity where they need to add the information of location, Assets, Custome label, Frequency, Activity, where Activity can be multiple so the user can add successfully.

3. Complaint Management

In Complaint Management have multiple enhancement where user can use it and make their routine easy.

3.1 Area Mandatory

In Setting>>Complaint service>> There is the option of where user can subscribe the service of do you need Area Mandatory or not by default it will be off, once user subscribe it and get the area mandatory.

3.2 Select Fields

In complaint management there is the option of Select Fields, where the columns are listed based on selected fields.

3.3 Service Provider Filter

In Complaint management need to provide the option of filter with Service provider where user can filter the tickets of service provider.

4. Service Call Report Verified addition in activities & addition of verifier’s name/sign

In complaint management report sign changes are based on setting>> complaint service>> Do you need the verifier’s name while verifying work? Do you need verifier’s signature while verifying work? Do you need a work report signature after completing work?

5. Vendor Invoice Dynamic Inputs

Vendor Invoice Dynamic Inputs the option of Setting>>Service Management>>Complaint Management>>Invoice service>>

once the setting is done successfully then Complaint Management have invoice option where user can create Dynamic Create Invoice

6. SCA (Store Condition Assessment)

SCA Store Condition Assessment, Setting>> Service Management>> SCA, by default the service will be off and once user on the services then user can use the module.

Setting>>Store Condition Assessment Service>> there are the 3 tabs Category, Sub- Category, Items. Where user can add the data based on category, Sub-Category, Items.

6.1 Category

Add Category option for adding the Category.

6.2 Sub-Category

Add Sub-category option where user must select first Category name, then enter sub category and then weightage option.

6.3 Add Item

Add Item option where user must select first category name, select sub- category name, Enter Item Name.

6.4 SCA

Create SCA for the user have to select few fields which are: Location, Title, Description, Items, Expand Form have fields are: Start Date, End Date, Schedule Time, Frequency, and Attachment.

Once the SCA is created successfully, then it will be in pending, where all the pending tickets will be listed, Once it is completed then it will be in completed tab. If user have added or schedule ticket based on time then it will be Upcoming tab.

Pending Tab have the SCA ticket user can view and start the ticket, from start button, once it is started there will be option of Pause and complete if user pause it then user will get again option of start and once user complete it then create report with the option Remark and Signature.



User can have the option of Re-open where user can re-open the tickets.

7. Task Management

7.1 Task Management Glance

In Task management have provide the option of Glance from where user can have the number of tickets based on the status same as Quick view.

7.2 Selected Fields

In Task Management there is the option of select fields based where all the fields are listed and based on that listing screen have the list of selected fields.

8. Improvement

8.1 All comment

In comment section, there is a validation for maximum and minimum value where Min: 2 Max: 100, Default text enter min: 5 and Max: 200.

8.2 Cache Clear

Browsing caching issue resolved.

8.3 PM Loading

From setting option there is the issue of PM loading for all data.