1. Preventive Maintenance Report Changes of Assets

Once the PM passed and the user has to create the report, the reports have contained some fields to define where to show the full assets chain. for e.g., Asset’s category, Assets, Brand, Model, Serial no. with brief information.

2. Staff Tracking

In Staff tracking below are the points which we have covered
a. Setting>> Staff tracking>> need to provide the option, Choose Service where user has to select the Paid/unpaid service and submit.
b. Need to show count of request
c. Need to show distance between A to B
d. Need to show area name or place name near by
e. Need to show google map for all proper development

3. Approval Flow

In Setting>> Invoice service>>Preference: Do you need Approval strategy? By default, it will be Turned OFF, if user needs approval flow in their invoice approvals, then they need to Turn ON the service.
Once the service gets ON the new tab will arrive which will be known as Approval Level. In the Approval level screen, there will be listing screen and also there is option to add multi levels.
Once the Level is added successfully user can get the list and also can find the option to edit and delete the level

4. Assets Management Improvement

In Assets Management need to provide a option to add the location and area while adding the most child of the assets.
It is not mandatory, in edit also need to provide the option for adding location and area.

5. Invoice Listing Tab

In Account we have added on feature of invoice from where user can view the invoice which is added by the vendor/service provider.
User can filter out the invoice based on Select form, Status, created date, Service Provider.
Screenshot_7        Screenshot_8

6. Security

a.Install and Configure Web Application Firewall to Protect Web Applications if business need
b.Key Management Solutions like HSM or Any other appropriate key management solution
c. Multifactor Authentication Solution for remote access of the systems/devices for any administrative purposes.
d. Install Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention Systems on Network

7. Improvement

a. Load More Option at Location with Search: In customer and service provide place we have added the option of load more with search at location.
b. Role Management Improvement: In Role Management have provided the option of changes in all modules based on access.
c. Download for Common Progress Bar: In Android app have provided the option of progress where if user downloads anything, the progress bar shows the percentage value.
d. Gallery View: Zoom in functionality for gallery view in both application customer and service provider for Android and iOS.

e. All Module Download Option: In complaint, Preventive Maintenance, all report there is the option of download.

f. AP Counter Implement: In Account Payable, we have added the option of counter in iOS application.