1. SCA: (Store Condition Assessment)

Setting>>SCA: In the setting of SCA there will be an option of category, Subcategory Items where the user can add this and get data.
Once the setting done, user can add the SCA from Application as well, where they have to add the information of location, Assessment details like Title, Description, select Item, Need to select Schedule details and add attachments.
After All the information is added, it will be shown in the listing screen of SCA, with the details like: Pending, complete and upcoming tabs, where pending will have the details of the SCA which is added.
Screenshot_13      Screenshot_14

User can select the ticket and view the details of ticket: ticket no, title, description, created on, created by, Assignee, Status, Frequency, then it will display location details, summary details, Attachments. Based on the role, a user can start the assessment from the same page by clicking on ‘start’.

In comment section user can add the comment, can do attachment, can add audio, user have the access to delete the all the comment attachment and audio but if he has those all point. In Activity section user can check the activity who have started the task, who have completed ticket and who have added attachment with respected date and time.

The Assessment is added successfully after that user can start the work on the ticket or can decline the ticket. Once the ticket is started there will be 2 options users can get to pause the ticket or else complete the ticket after performed all operations.
Screenshot_5      Screenshot_6

Once the ticket is completed then it will move to completed tab, if user have added any ticket for future, it will be shown in upcoming screen.

2. Assets Report

In report we need to add the excel file where we have to provide the below information for report data with calculation based on date:

Setting>> Asset’s service>> Preferences>> Do you need custom report? By default, it will be off, once user on it then it will be active based on location access. User need to select the days for validation and action required.

Setting>> Assets Service>> Custom field calculation: Need to add the comparison of date where user can select the custom date field. Based on this, calculation done on the required date range.

a. All Assets modules which are dynamic for e.g.

  • Equipment Category
  • Equipment
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Serial

b. All custom field which can be any for e.g.

  • Purchase Date
  • Rating
  • Installation Date
  • Service Provider
  • AMC Start
  • AMC End
  • Cost center

3. Preventive Maintenance Report

In Preventive Maintenance, there is new option in report from where user can get the details of the report in excel for their checklist with checklist name, assets information, customer name, remark, images, score, percentage.
Screenshot_9        Screenshot_10

4. Complaint Management Glance

In complaint Management, there is new feature from where the user can get count of each status based on ticket performed. Below is the status:

  • Pending
  • Completed
  • Open
  • Verify
  • Reopen
  • Work Accepted
  • Quote approval pending
  • In progress
  • Paused
  • Declined
  • Deleted

In Complaint management, we have to provide the option of glance where we have to show the option
like: Open-10,
SLA Violations (Out TAT) =99. 9
status will be as above) SLA will be count based on TAT.

5. Preventive Maintenance Improvement

In preventive maintenance there is improvement in fields, there are new fields added to get data and analyze the data. End date, set time and schedule date are new additions.
Selected fields will be displayed in listing screen for quick view and easier way to find data.

6. Google Map

In last sprint, we have provided google paid service for staff tracking. Using this, the user can find the exact location of staff. This change has been updated in application with all map changes. Also, now there is the option through which the user can view the area as well.

7. Rate Card

In rate card few improvements have been done based on calculation and also for UI in price card and report.

8. Improvement

a. Deleted Area remove (Web): Need to remove the delete area while creating the assets and selecting location.

b. Role base assets (Web /App): In Role management there is option of assets management where all kind of access are provided so now there is one dynamic option for delete and download the access based on role.

c. Login time process (iOS): It takes more time for login screen it takes process time which is reduces now.

d. Load more(iOS): Load more two cell some time show

e. Lazy Loader(iOS): In Staff Management the staff listing screen there is the option of lazy loader.

f. Pull to refresh (iOS): In Pull to refresh for some screen loader show but not hidden.

g. Security (Android):

  • i. Make app room database secure with encryption process.
  • ii. Room database every table need to indexing to improve result fetch performance