1. Preventive Maintenance

a. Preventive Maintenance Location Base

Preventive Maintenance setting is now location base, where the user who has the option of a single location, they are supposed to have that location only global access option will have all location access.
Setting>> Preventive Maintenance Setting>> Activity>> Click on “+Activity” select location, select custom label, select flow, select Equipment Category, select Equipment, select Brands, select Model, select Serial no, select Checklist, TAT (Turnaround time), for adding more label “+Add Label”, and then “+Add More Activity”, user need to add Activity, Select Frequency, Start Date, End Date, Set Time, Reminder, Action and then Submit the form.


2. Assets Management

a. Assets Multiple Flow

Assets multiple flow will impact and reflect on below mention module.

  • 1. Assets setting
  • 2. Nature of issue
  • 3. Assets Management
  • 4. Complaint Management
  • 5. Preventive Maintenance
  • 6. Project Management
  • 7. Escalation
  • 8. Analytics

1) Assets Setting

Setting>>Preference>> Assets service>> select the service for multiple flow for assets, where by default it will be OFF.


Once the service is on there will be 4 tabs as Preferences, QR code/ Bar code, Custom field calculation Assets flow.

In Assets Flow user have to add the flow and that flow will be shown in the listing screen. Once the user adds the flow after that there will be an option for user to make all the related modules based on the selected flow.


The flow is selected from the above image, so users select the flow based on the setting will be changes for preference, QR code/Bar Code, Customer fields.

2) Nature of Issue

Setting >> Nature of issue: In Nature of issue, we have to provide the option of select the flow from the multiple flows, and based on that serial no can be selected.


3) Assets Management

In Assets management there will be the option of select flow and after selecting the flow it will impact on Add Item, Upload, Download,
Custom Reports, Delete, Download QR code single.

4) Complaint Management

In Complaint management, while creating complaints the user needs to select the location then area, after the user needs to select the
option of assets with the selection of flow, then user can select assets chain based on assets flow based.


After creating the complaint, the complaint will have all the detailed information on a detailed screen.

5) Preventive Maintenance

In Preventive Maintenance users need to add the activity so need to add the location, need to select the assets flow then user
have to add other option and submit the preventive maintenance ticket.


Once the Preventive Maintenance is scheduled or Create activity is successfully submitted, then in detail all the details of flow and assets will be show successfully.

6) Project Management

In Project Management, we have 11 steps, so in the Logistic step we have provided the option for uploading the assets so there we
have added the option of assets multiple flow.


7) Escalation

In Escalation option, there are multiple options for adding escalation based on modules of Nature of issue, Assets Escalation, Preventive Maintenance.

8) Analytics

In Analytics, there is the option of filter where user can have selection for flow, from there user can select the flow and based on selected filter the dashboard for Complaint management, Preventive Maintenance, Assets Management.


b. Assets Delete and Assets Move

If the user deletes the equipment category and the category has a full chain and the user deletes the equipment category then need to move full chain of assets.


c. Assets Management Location Base

Assets Management now we will provide the assets which are bind with specific location, so that location person will have only the access of their own assets. In assets management where the location will be differed from the serial no (Most child), which will have some unique ID. So, the action option has the location base action. For e.g.: user delete the serial number then it will be not
deleted from all location just from the specific data.

Edit Location: User A have access of location Ahmedabad and then the Super
admin changes the asset’s location from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, then user a is not be able to view the specific assets after the location change.


Edit Serial No: if the user does the changes of assets Serial number, then it will only display to the user have access and to the super admin and that 2-access person can edit it..

Remark: it will be based on serial number, and serial number is bind with a specific location so remark will be changed for only a single location.

Note: Super Admin will have the access of all the location.

3. SCA (Store Condition Assessment) Improvement

a. Dynamic Name Change Option

In Service Management>> SCA option will have now to edit the name of department and can have the department name in different languages as well.


b. Verify and Reopen Option

In Setting>>SCA>> Preference>> there will be an option for reopen the tickets after verifying/ completing the tickets, and another setting option will be for that do you need to verify option in Store Condition Assessment. By default, both settings will be off once user on it will impact in SCA main modules.


4. Location Management

In Location Management we have done 2 improvement which is define as below.

a. Dynamic Location Management Changes

Setting>> Service Management>> Location Management>> By default module name is location management. User can add name in different language and it will be reflected in application as well.


b. Delete Location/City/Zone

For Location: In Location Management, there is an option to delete Location, if user deletes any Location, then based on that location if any ticket is created for Complaint Management, Preventive Maintenance then it will be display while in the message.


For City: In Location Management>> City>> there is an option to delete city, so if user deletes any city, then based on that city, if any location is created then all respect location will be deleted and if any ticket is created for Complaint Management, Preventive Maintenance then it will be display while in message.


For Zone: In Location Management>> Zone>> there is an option to delete Zone, so if user delete any zone, then based on that zone, if any location and city are created then all respect location and city will be deleted and if any ticket is created for Complaint Management, Preventive Maintenance then it will be display while in message.


5. Responsive

In the customer and vendor/Service provide portal we have provided the mobile support web portals so user can have the desktop version on their respected phones and can check it, work it easy. In a single click.


6. Improvements

a. Signature Auto Fetch

It is developed to save the signature in customer and service provider portal at profile, where user have to add their signature for one time and while working on reports of Complaint Management, Preventive Maintenance, Project Management.


b. GIF and Audio File Support

In GIF and Audio file support in comment chat and all attachments place were customer and service provider portals and application.


c. Gallery View

The Gallery view is developed for Web customer and vendor portal in comment and attachment, for all supported image, like: JPEG, JPG and other all images support. There will be the option of doing previous and next, count from 1 up to upcoming counts like (1 of 6).


d. Rate Card Delete Option

In Rate card there is option of deleting the data of rate card.


e. Expand Collapse

In Complaint Management and in Preventive Maintenance detail screen there will be an option of expanding and collapse for view in detailed information.


f. Staff Create Date Need to Show

In staff management there is one column for created date of staff.


g. Click Outside

Click outside the popup then it should be closed.

h. Save Filter and Create Filter

In Preventive Maintenance, Task Management and in SCA have provided the option to save the filter with the selected data and also it can be reset, In SCA we have created the option of a filter with Assignee to status and created date option.


i. URL and Phone Number Hyper link

Show URL and Phone Number with a hyperlink in Chat, comment in every module for customer and vendor.


j. Add Service Provider Name in Activity log

Need to add the service provider name along with ‘Service provider’ so, the new activity log will reflect: Complaint Assigned to Service Provider (Bheema and Sons) (Web)

k. Location Management Text Change

Note – add location name same and email different.

l. IOS Improvement

  • List data set and Search data but no any data then search hide
  • Search Three char API call for all place
  • Search Bar Cancel button show
  • Realm database every table needs to indexing to improve result fetch performance.

m. Android Improvement

  • Complaint management all extra API call stop
  • PM all extra API call stop improvement
  • Make common search functionality with UI opening and logic

7. Bugs

a. Rate Card

  • If Rate card downloads the time next tab should be open
  • Deleted show for another vendor.