PM Improvement

PM Report Id

The Preventive Maintenance complaint report should be selected by default.

Filter for Open Complete Upcoming

Filter option with date and status of pm in application and admin, for single status at a time.

Design Issue PM Setting

Design change in PM setting fields while adding the assets.

Socket Implement

Socket Implementation for Preventive Maintenance in both application and admin.

Override the Ticket

In Preventive Maintenance, the ticket which is created for daily should get override still the ticket on single day don’t get close.

6 Month and 3 months Quarterly

We have option of as Needed, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. So, now we have updated the Quarterly 2 times. 3 Monthly, 6 Monthly.

Role Management for PM

Role Management access for Preventive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Setting.

Assets Preference

Assets Preference as per Equipment, where user can create complaint on base of preference selection.

Category Base

We need to give the option to user for selection of Module to add assets in PM setting.

Cross View in Calendar

If no one has done any work on Pm then need to show cross mark on that date of Calendar.

Front end calendar: Select Correct, Cross bar, Todo, and Upcoming

User need to check the Completed PM then need to click on right mark of calendar, If user need to see the incomplete PM then need to click on cross mark, If user need to check today’s work then need to click on square on today date, If user need to check upcoming PM then need to click on circle in grey then user can check the data as per schedule data.

Improvement in Customer

1. Map Zoom

If user check the location for assets in assets tracking, then the screen should directly show or zoom the location of the assets.

2. Updated Notification

In android app the notification which came last should be show in above in the list of notifications with logo of app, for customer and Vendor.

3. Performance Improvement

Performance of list view, filter view, complaint view in Vendor app for android.