New Features

1) PDF for work order (customer & vendor)

In work order report we have move the html format to PDF format for customer and vendor work report.

2) Print and Share Options Added

Print and share option over there in work order report (Customer & Vendor) we have added the print and share option in work order report in right side of report for printing and sharing the report with other users.

3) Image Zoom Option

Image zoom option in photos uploaded (customer & vendor) in complaint management of vendor & customer complaint image should zoom.

4) Image share (path wise)

In complaint management the image which is added we can share the image on path basis, which direct comes from back end for customer and vendor portal.

5) Access Role Added for Escalation Module

The permission of Escalation is given from the role manage as other access are given, after access is given to any staff user then user can direct create the escalation for any complaint.

6) Work order report add NA for null value

If there is no value in any field of report, then need to show the NA in place of blank space.

7) Report Number

Once the complaint creates and then report generated, which complaint is completed first then report no will be generated as per that completed complaint in the report.

8) Security Purpose Issue

This are the points which we are done in security for android, iOS, Web.
8.1 In iOS (Customer): –

  • a. Clipboard enabled on sensitive field
  • b. Application works on Jailbroken devices

8.2 In iOS (vendor): –

  • a. Clipboard enabled on sensitive field
  • b. Application works on Jailbroken devices

8.3 In Android (customer): –

  • a. Hardcoded Encryption Key
  • b. Copy/Paste Buffer
  • c. Server Version Disclosure (Site Wide)

8.4 In Backend and Front End: –

  • a. Customer Web Application: Account Takeover of Super Admin.
  • b. Vendor Android Application: Cross Origin Resource Sharing.
  • c. Customer iOS Application: Cross Origin Resource Sharing.
  • d. Vendor iOS Application: Cross Origin Resource Sharing.

9) New Architecture In Production

In new architecture we have change the sandbox URL, DNS, and New Environment created for production with private VPC.

10) Vendor Work Order Report

Vendor work order report is created to make the complaint flow easy and useful for updating complaint process with detail information in single report. Which give the information of complaint name, ID, Assets information and with customer and vendor information.

11) Escalation in Vender

Escalation flow of vendor for complaint which defines the escalation of every staff. User can set timing and staff name and if the user doesn’t start the work on any complaint then the user will get the mail of warring with the information of complaint title, complaint id and the time which is already gone.

12) Vender Access Control

Access control is used to control the system as per the user roles and access, it is the process to give the access to user as per their roles. User have can see the complaints and the modules as per their roles, even user can work on any complaint as per the role.

13) Direct Assignee to Vender for Single Vendor

Once the user does the setting of the complaint from the complaint setting option then the user can check mark the single vendor to assignee the ticket direct to any specify vendor and then ticket of the complaint direct goes to vendor. After that vendor direct get the ticket and can start the work. Customer flow will be change from there only assignee can be changed, other all the button of internal staff will be hided. In vendor flow it will work same as the old or current flow.

14) Tablet Screen Saver

Customer logo in screen saver for tablet device.


1) Auto High Sound

In some mobile sound not working properly, we have solved this.

2) Loading Issue in Android

In complaint management, complain list and Complaint detail take time while changing the screen.

3) Time Duration

While you Edit the report then, there is issue in time duration(take more time for report).

4) Login Issue in Different Platform

user login in app and admin and change password then we need to logout from all platform.

5) Language Issue in Android

If user change the language, then it was not working in 2 different languages Hindi and Gujarati. We have solved the issue now it is working perfectly.

6) iOS 13

We have updated the operating system for iOS in vendor and customer application. Now the operating system with 13 is working.

7) Message Format for Assets

In customer Assets Option upload file, the error occurred regarding the file. With the perfect message format with detail of assets.

8) Add Remove Option in Assets

In Customer Assets option upload File error, we don’t have the option to upload file again, until reload browser. So, now we have added remove uploaded file option