1) Prefix Editable

User can edit the prefix one time, while the login at that time they can change or from customer profile. In both customer and vendor in both the prefix can be editable.

2) Direct Assignee to vendor: (For Multiple vendor)

Customer can directly assignee the ticket to multiple vendor by check mark then vendor from the customer portal.

3) New Architecture

We have move the Architecture from old to new. This are the points we have done in new Architecture.

  • a. Change nginx server name
  • b. Upload new build
  • c. Take dump from current TeroTAM live arch and restore into staging db
  • d. Create route 53 hosted zone
  • e. Add alb in hosted zone

4) Activity Log

Activity Log will show the log of the user (Technician, Manager, Super Admin) on
which they have done the process of complaint with time, date, title, activity and
ticket number.

5) Support

Support have three option: Help Desk, User Guide, Feedback. From help desk user can check the information of the user. In user guide user can get the information in form of different file format for user guide. In feedback user can add feedback and in master the feedback will be added.

6) Group of people in the specific group at chat

In chat user can see the total number of people in chat and also the list of people with name and also the last message in chat option with timing.

7) Deactivate User

In Customer Portal user must clear all the pending complaint which is assigned to him. when user have pending complain request and try to deactivate the account then user will get the message “Please clear your all pending complaint request then you can de-active your account.