1. QR Code

QR code is used to add assets in customer portal. User must scan the QR code and information assets will be added and User can add the complaint using QR code.

2. Assets Tracking

Assets Tracking will track the information of assets with Location, temperature & Humanity. Customer must add the information of Assets (Device) and then can check the device behavior from any place by doing login in customer portal.

3. OTP Management

The vendor completes the complaint then OTP will be generated and will be sent to customer store owner. Customer store need to verify the complaint, then need to add the OTP then only complaint will be verified.

4. Staff De-active in Vendor

If Vendor want to de-active the account then, Vendor must clear all the pending complaint request and try to de-active the account. If vendor de-active the account, then that vendor should get logout from the vendor portal and application.