Process of sharing and transferring of information, ideas and knowledge from one person to another within an organization is utmost important. Different modes of communication is the key feature of Terotam which not only helps the organization to have a real time communication among employees but also allows to keep a track of old communication with easy access and user friendly interface.

We offer the solution as an app or along with handheld devices as desired and it is flexible and can be used in varied industries – Healthcare, Hospitality, Real-Estate, Maintenance, Banking etc. Terotam offers most efficient quick and easy communication with flexibility to choose the mode of communication – text, audio, or video communication.

  • Easy deployment
  • Simple process to keep the data safe
  • Easy Access
  • Personal Branding
  • Support Wi-fi & mobile data
  • Supports all networks
  • Supports 3G & 4G
  • Available for both Android & iOS

TEXT Communication

Text messages are one of the easiest mode of communication when it comes to deliver the intention in a recorded format. It encourages rapid fire, single-sentencing thoughts. It removes any miscommunication and unexpected errors, thus helps us saves time. We provide a customized platform to communicate individually or in group.

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VOICE Communication

Voice calling is another easiest and quick platform to communicate. It creates stronger relationships, foster clear communication and allows to save time by getting reverts at real-time. It allows for immediate personal response, its interactive and can be used to convey confidential information. Terotam is all you need to have to establish an efficient and instant audible communication. Terotam helps to create a connection between your team which will help to save time and focus only to expand your business.

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VIDEO Communication

Video calling is an enhanced mode of communication which is efficient and effective as it is a better business relationship development. It’s the faster, flexible and effective mode of communication. Terotam provides a platform to communicate with your team with human touch, helps you saves time and money. It strengthens the company's relationship and eliminates the travel cost completely. Dragging a lot of people in a room is often counterproductive rather video communication organizes meetings involving several participants in more productive way possible.

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