Using the web-based eProcurement software you can raise the query from the vendor portal and get clarification or answer from the customer.

To send a query from the vendor portal and get clarification do follow the below steps. Login to the eProcurement portal:

  • Let’s start by logging into the eProcurement vendor portal and go to Tender.
  • So first let’s see how to send a query. Click on the Queries icon in which you have the query to ask.
  • Type your query here and click on Send. You can find the text at the bottom. This is how you can send the query.
  • Now let’s see how customers can send the clarification for the same search the Tender number in which you have received the query.
  • You can identify that by the red dot.
  • Click on the query icon and here you can see the query sent by the vendor.
  • Type your clarification in the textbox and click on Send.
  • Now the vendor will receive your clarification and you can continue the conversation as per your requirement.
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