Using eProcurement software allows you to add invoices from the vendor portal. To add an invoice follow the below steps:

  • Start by logging into the eProcurement vendor portal from the Side menu. Go to purchase order.
  • Once the customer has applied the PO to the vendor, you can find the same in the Open PO tabs.
  • Click on Invoices from the Action column.
  • Click on Add Invoice.
  • Enter the invoice number.
  • Enter the price.
  • Please note the price cannot be higher than the actual PO amount.
  • The actual PO price you can check from the PDFas here you can see the price is too.
  • Select the invoice date. Once done, click on Save.
  • Similarly, you can add multiple invoices. You can divide the PO’S actual price into multiple invoices.
  • For example, here in the PDF, the price is two, so you can add two invoices, each containing one price.
  • Click on Save and your invoices are updated successfully.
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