eProcurement software allows users to create Online Purchase Requests with comprehensive details through a web-based custom form and submit them to a suitable vendor.

Follow the below steps to create Purchase Requests. Login into the eProcurement portal.

  • login into the eProcurement portal to create a new PR
  • Click on + Purchase Request on PR welcome screen.
  • Create PR page will open and select purchase type from the drop-down.
  • Enter the requisition name of the person who is creating the PR and enter the Department.
  • Once that is done, come to the below table there you can see an option for attachment.
  • If you have any kind of attachment, you can add an attachment
  • You can select the assignment and item categories.
  • In fields, select material from the list, and enter the required quantity, violation price, and plant.
  • Then you can proceed, to the bottom. You will see the details you have entered in the people
  • Once done with fields and details click, Submit.
  • There you can see the PR is successfully created.
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