eProcurement software is the cloud-based tool for deleting and restores of the DMS through web-based options.

Do follow the below steps to delete DMS and restore DMS. Login into the TeroTAM eProcurement portal:

  • First, let’s start by logging into the eProcurement web portal from the Side menu. Go to DMS.
  • A DMS management page will appear. Go to the DMS tab and select the DMS you wish to delete.
  • Click on the delete option from the Action column.
  • It will ask you a confirmation. Click on yes. And add the remarks or comments and click on Submit.
  • Your will be document is deleted successfully.
  • Also, You can find the deleted DMS under the Cancelled DMs tab.
  • Now let’s see how to restore the deleted DMS from the Cancelled DMs tab.
  • Click on the Restore icon from the Action column.
  • Then, It will ask you for confirmation. Click on yes. Add the remarks and submit.
  • Your document is restored successfully. This is how you can delete and restore the DMS.
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