The TeroTAM eProcurement cloud suite is a custom version software tool to create, edit, delete, and restore PR. It has digital options to plan the requirements and store the procurement data.

Do follow the below steps to delete and restore your Purchase Request. Login into the eProcurement portal:

  • First, login into the eProcurement portal. You will see the Purchase Request welcome page.
  • Select the Purchase Request you wish to delete, and scroll towards the right side of the page.
  • You will see an option for Delete under the Action tab. Click on Delete.
  • It will ask you for confirmation. Click on yes and add the remarks.
  • This is a mandatory step and click on Submit.
  • Your Purchase Request will be successfully deleted and you can find the deleted PR under the Cancel PR tab feature.
  • here you can see how to restore the deleted PR, go to the Canceled PR tab and Select the PR you wish to restore.
  • Under the Action tab, you will find an option for Restore Purchase Request.
  • It asks you for confirmation. Click on yes and add the remarks and submit PR.
  • Then it will be successfully restored.
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