Location management helps you versatile in a different way to track assets, staff, and business places. It has a zone, city location/outlets, which will bind with complaint management.

Project management, preventive maintenance, Asset Management, and location are assigned to staff locations/task/issue for all locations can be bonded with it.

  • On the welcome screen, on the left side of the dashboard, click on location management
  • Click on “+location management” to add the new location
    There will be three options to need to add a new location. Add location, add the city, and add a zone.
  • Click on the +location option to “add zone”, and add the zones south, north, east, west. And select active status, then click submit
  • Click “+location” select option to “add city”, special zone, select city based on zone, keep active status and click submit.
  • Click on “+location” select option “add location” fill the form location, address, pin code, zone, city, cost center, store id, click submit, the location will add successfully
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