Assets are something that you can never afford to miss-manage. It’s a Mirror in which investors and stakeholders can see your hard work and their future. That’s why it’s one of the most decision making criteria for any investor before they decide on any organization to stay with. Managing such important things is something that must be on the top priority.”

Today the whole world is moving towards the new era of automated solutions. Wherever you see automated things are replacing the traditional once by eradicating the drawbacks lying with traditional once. All the limitations traditional methods are dragging since a long time, are calling for the new rise since a long time and hence we are witnessing a worth waiting change.

We can not avoid the basic things that we need at our business like Accounting, Bookkeeping, Inventory Management, Asset Management etc., What we are discussing here is doing the traditional thing with a systematic and modern approach to bring a newness and effectiveness in day to day working activities.

Asset management is something that every business keeps an eye on and wants to keep easy and effective. Here we are discussing the Healthcare industry especially.

Why is Asset Management is Crucial in the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare is an industry where so many small but important and valuable items need to be managed. There are some major consequences associated with it. Issues like, Managing Pharmaceutical stocks, Keep records on In and Out of patients, Track what assets are engaged in treatment with which patient, Cost of Assets, Maintenance of assets etc.,

Costs of Unorganized Asset Management in Healthcare Industry

Confused Medication: Unorganized Asset management can lead to confusion between medicines. Patients can be given unwanted or irrelevant medicines which in return can result in allergic reactions and in some cases it can be life-threatening too.

Risk of Wrong treatment: Due to Poor tracking and reporting, mix-up can be possible between treatments of two patients. Wrong treatments can be a possible threat.

Shortage of Vital drugs: Some drugs are so Vital and some are so regular in use which can be basic to most treatments. Poor Asset Management can create shortages of such drugs if not tracked and reported properly.

Increase in Theft and loss of Medicines and Equipment: One of the most important costs to control is theft of small but valuable and most frequently used medical products and equipment. Without a proper Asset Tracking and Management system, this small loss can cost a huge chunk of money in the long run.

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Losing and Mix up in Laboratory Samples: Without proper tracking sometimes some very important laboratory samples could be missed out or miss-handled. In return, this can result in a delayed or wrong diagnosis and treatment. This whole mismanagement can affect the brand in a huge manner.

Stock out Cost: An unorganized Asset Management system can result in bad inventory management which can create a Stockout position in the organization. In the Healthcare industry stock out position can be very dangerous and can become a life and death situation for someone. If something happens like this it could affect very much negatively to the brand and business immediately. The cost that occurred due to such can be considered as stock out cost.

What’s the Solution?

The solution in fact is very straight and simple. A well designed Automated Asset management software can solve all the issues discussed above. With TeroTAM you can have them ready to use solution with its Cloud-based Total Asset Management Software.

At TeroTAM, after understanding all the issues, we have nurtured a well-designed software that has all the necessary features to help the organization to manage its assets very easily, anytime from anywhere.

How TeroTAM’s Automated Asset management Software can help you set up Organized Asset Management?

Single Touch Tracking

With TeroTAM’s cloud-based automated Asset Management Software, organizations will be able to maintain all records and tracking through mobile or any other handy device like tablet or laptop from anywhere and anytime. The software is single tap easy to operate with all the advanced features needed to perform Asset management at the best.

24/7 Access to Information

With its cloud-based system, TeroTAM allows you to access all your asset information 24/7 on your smartphone. Access the information when and where needed and be accurate with your asset handling and asset tracking.

Customized Reports

TeroTAM’s asset management solution empowers you with Real-time tracking as well as all types of customized reports that help you in a better manner to reflect the exact position of your assets in your organization.

Low-cost Systematic Approach

Asset tracking and Management mostly missed out and ignored due to the cost associated with it but with TeroTAM’s Automated Asset Management tool you will be able to experience a systematic approach towards your Asset management at a very low cost than you have ever thought.

Protect your Brand Image

A systematic Asset Handling will help you to make the needed asset available at the right place at right time to perform the task crucial for business success. Failure of such can make you fail on your brand promises. Such unorganized Asset management in return can become your Brand Liability. But with TeroTAM you can protect your Brand image by performing excellent asset management.

Streamline your Day to Day Operational Costs

Most of the organizations who face higher operational costs in their day to day operations are the victims of mismanaged Assets and Inventories. With the Nextgen Automated Asset Management program by TeroTAM, you can streamline your operational cost and add valuable inputs to the organization’s profitability.

Moment to Conclude:

Assets are something that you can not ignore or take lightly in your business. A single miss or mistake can change your whole business calculations. A strong and advanced Asset Management System is the key to handle the most important aspect of your business ASSETS. TeroTAM brings you a system that you can rely on and focus on other important tasks to grow your business more and more. To get more information contact our team of experts today and experience the best Asset Management software ever.

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