This is growing at an enormous pace, and by that, it also increases the need to complete every task on time. Businesses to match this pace need to track their activity and distribution at every step to make sure the product reaches the market or to the end-user at the right time, in the right condition, in the right manner.

As the production time is important in delivering the order to the customer, Distribution also has an equal role. A well-manufactured product, if not handled and distributed correctly, customer satisfaction diminishes to a certain level. Not only the manufacturers, many other industries nowadays have growing importance of well-managed distribution systems.

In this article, we discuss the importance of Box Tracking in business, how different industries need this functionality within their business, and how CMMS software can be an advanced solution for Box tracking activity.

Why is Box Tracking Important for Businesses?

The worldwide Distribution and Shipping industries are estimated to transport 90% of global trade, and cargo shipping is more important than ever before. Shipping benefits everyone on the planet because everything currently is carried, including food, medicines, technology, and other essential goods. Our modern civilization may not be able to survive without the import and export of goods via transportation.

Furthermore, the technology enables consumers to have confidence in the products they must export. It’s a no-brainer that today’s businesses want a cost-effective logistics solution that incorporates technology to enhance the client experience with box tracking services in line with market demand.

It is nearly difficult to overlook the necessity of box and shipment tracking since any shipment delay would result in customer discontent and financial losses.

Customers’ expectations are growing in this digital age; for example, consumers utilize GPS tracking systems on their smartphones to find everything from the nearest gas station to their favorite restaurant; this type of logistics is something they anticipate all of the time.

This feature has now become essential for consumers. Businesses that seize this opportunity and convert their shipping and tracking services into a powerful marketing tool for new and existing consumers will prosper in the future.

What are the benefits of the Box-tracking System?

Businesses can use box tracking technology to keep track of their shipments and locate them at any stage along the way.

By controlling your logistics using box tracking technology, you can track carrier performance, transit costs, and market trends. The tracking of shipment boxes is an integral part of any business’s supply chain management.

Improved Processes at Lower Costs

Service levels and costs are accompanied by tracking your freight trip. Using the information generated by box tracking technology, businesses may evaluate and communicate with carriers, keeping track of pickup times, travel times, and delays. Any business can use this to achieve cost-effective supply chain improvements.

Better Business Performance with Enhanced Visibility

Metrics related to shipment movement may be conveniently monitored thanks to box-tracking features. Visibility is beneficial for outbound shipments since it allows you to track the package’s progress and determine whether your customer needs information about any delays.

Enriched Customer Experience and lower Hold-On

Tracking shipments is critical for the customer experience; almost half of the business population considers shipping a significant component of their total buying experience. The ability to trace the shipment may give peace of mind to the end-user. The business house will be aware of the location of their shipment and will be able to advise the customer of any changes, status, or delivery, if applicable.

Industries who can excel in their business with Box-tracking solution

Almost all the industries nowadays deal with supply chain management and hence with shipment and its tracking. Let’s look at some major industries that can streamline and systematize their supply chain with this advanced tracking solution.

Food and Beverage Industry:

A Box-tracking solution can prepare food and beverage businesses for more strict regulatory track and trace obligations, Assist food manufacturers in meeting client requests for serialization. With improved tracking capabilities, food producers can inspire confidence in potential clients, improve internal warehouse operations’ efficiency, and create a better data analytics base for continual quality improvement.

E-commerce Industry:

Order tracking is critical for any e-commerce business since it informs customers about when and where their order is in the shipping process. This gives clients confidence in your company’s dependability and transparency and reduces customer communication about the order status.

Textile Industry:

Radiofrequency identification (RFID), one of the most promising technological advancements in the textile and garment industries, is utilized in manufacturing, inventory control, warehousing, distribution, logistics, automatic item tracking, and supply chain management.

Healthcare Industry:

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) for medical industry devices is quite useful. It should be used in other areas of health care, such as device supply-chain tracking, the patient’s medical record, and determining all expenses connected with utilizing a device.

Electronics and Appliance Industry:

Goods made in the electronics and appliances industries are high-value products and need to be handled with care. The products of such category must be handled and tracked properly at each stage of the shipping journey for the right and timely delivery with the exact form of product made, without any defects or damages.

How can TeroTAM’s Box Tracking Solution be helpful?

TeroTAM is one of the leading CMMS solution providers. It has developed a Box Tracking solution to help you organize and optimize your business and its relevant costs with its advanced features. Let’s take a look at the features that helps –

  • Manage the customer’s location to ensure that the box is delivered correctly.
  • With QR codes and NFC technologies, you can track the parcel’s whereabouts in real-time.
  • Box management workflow is dynamic and includes categories, sizes, customers, locations, and numbers, among other things.
  • Unique Box Collection and Tracking System
  • Serial numbers, RFIDs, barcodes, and other methods of asset identification are used.
  • The mobile application provides a smart, simple, and quick approach to manage from anywhere.
  • A wide selection of data and reports are available with widgets and PDF, CSV, and Excel download choices.
  • Smart Chat is a feature that allows customers and employees to communicate with one another.

These features are just a glimpse of how TeroTAM can streamline your business with a box or shipment tracking. To know more about how you can make your business transparent and controlled with a box tracking solution, reach our experienced executives at and schedule your demo now.

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