Whether it’s a manufacturing or service providing business, every business today has lots of things to manage every day, especially the facilities they had within their business premises, contributing to performing every task in the business. But let’s talk about a service-providing business. Especially when it comes to the hospitality industry, and in particular Hotels, the whole business depends on the facilities by which they cater the services to their customers.

Hotels’ whole business depends on how and what level of service they provide to their customers, but that is completely dependent on their assets and facilities, which they use to practice. These assets and facilities both must be well maintained to cater the best out of it. If not properly managed and maintained on a timely basis, the level of service can be compromised and the business performance can adversely affect its profitability. Here we are not talking about a few assets or facilities, a hotel comprises a huge level of both. Managing them individually on a manual basis calls for some misses and mistakes.

Then what’s the solution?

The most obvious solution is doing it on a computerized basis to avoid human errors, and that’s where CMMS software enters.

Let’s check ahead on how CMMS software is a must nowadays for the Hotel business.

Why is CMMS Software a must for the Hotel business?

Hotel business itself is a huge facility where other different facilities are arranged so that the consumer can feel a relaxed and lavish lifestyle till they are in the Hotel premises. Such Facilities are Buildings, Machinery, Furniture, Electronic goods, Food and Beverages, Servicing staff, Toiletries and so on which can add maximum comfort in the consumer experience during their stay within the Hotel. These many assets and facilities if tried to manage manually, can’t avoid human errors. But with a well-designed computerized solution, we can reduce it to an optimum level and deliver the maximum customer satisfaction.

CMMS is such software that manages and maintains Assets and facilities so that it works in the best of its manners and produces the best result for consumers whenever being used by them.

In the next section, we will discuss reasons why Hotels need CMMS software to upkeep their performance level.

Reasons why hotels need CMMS Software.

Asset and Issue Tracking

Tracking your Assets and their relevant issues is on your own perfectly, is very difficult. There is no way to do that until you perform some sound asset tracking principle with every piece of information handy and updated about all of your assets and their issues with their exact status and location. Keeping all such things in your mind and remembering them at the same time is next to impossible. And that’s where you need a well-designed computerized solution like CMMS software to perform it with ease and accuracy too.

Faithful Clientele

Repeat visitors, which is Salt and Pepper of any Hotel business, is the result of Faithful clientele. The faithful clientele is closely related to customer satisfaction, not on a particular experience. Still, every time they experience the hotel facilities, they must get the best of their experience. Each of their visits to the hotel must do a value addition into their perception about the Hotel. We can do this value addition done with well-maintained Assets and Facilities, which perform 110% every time used. The value addition on each visit generates Faithful Clientele and gives repeat business.

Security Regulation

Hotels are premises used by the visitors as they expect some leisures with Safety while traveling away from their homes. Especially in current times of Post Pandemic, Hotels are supposed to be kept their assets and facilities properly sanitized and hygienic after every use. Also, must maintain facilities like Lifts, Lightings, Fire safety precautions, proper wirings of electronic goods well for the security purpose of visitors by using such hotel management software.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Proper maintenance is much more needed to avoid unnecessary downtime and frequent repairs. Well-scheduled maintenance can add a valuable number of years in the life of assets, reducing the unnecessary frequent purchase of assets. With this to be done on time and in a planned manner can reduce cost in short & long run for the business.

Improved Profitability

The Ultimate Goal of any business is Profit. All the activities are done within the premise and outside of it for business purposes belong to the profitability of the business. Any effort that reduces the cost and increases the performance level with high customer satisfaction resulting in repeat business and referral and new blood into business results in Improved Profitability. All the tasks streamlined by CMMS software drive the business towards profitability.

Real-Time Reports and Tracking

The majority of the Maintenance tasks ask for detailed and up-to-date paperwork as and when required. A business that involves many tasks with a large number of assets and facilities calls for huge documentation that is not easy to manage manually. CMMS software helps you with all such paperwork with its effortless report facility and keeps you updated with Real-Time Reports and tracking of each asset.

Well Managed Maintenance Schedule

All that Hotel business needs to stay on their performance is their assets and facilities should be maintained regularly. To make sure that what is most needed is the maintenance schedule is supposed to be well designed and implemented accurately. CMMS helps you schedule all your activities and maintenance tasks and implement them promptly to make sure the best-Managed assets and facilities are there within the Hotel premises.

Helps you stand high against Competitors

All the criteria we are discussing here are a must for best of the performance of a Hotel. CMMS software can help you get all these benefits which keep you ahead of your competitors to stay in business for long.

How can CMMS help Hotels to Improve their Business?

It’s very important in recent times that you keep improving your hotel business as this generation of visitors is very prompt in making their perception based on even one bad or good impression. They also influence their surrounded people by their presence on social media. Whatever they do and whatever they feel they are habitual to post on social media every day. In this situation, if you pass on a single bad experience to this new age customer, your brand name can be in danger. To stay away from this, as a Hotel business person you must keep improving yourself and your business with new technologies and technological tools that help you keep improving on a constant basis.

Let’s see how CMMS software can help your Hotel business.

Manage the day to day workflow

With CMMS software, you can schedule your team’s tasks and manage them with a well-designed platform that can operate from anywhere, even on mobile. TeroTAM’s CMMS Software can help you stay in touch with your mobile schedule, even from your mobile with its cloud-based technology. With its powerful task management feature, you can schedule day-to-day workflow and even manage and control them from the same dashboard in an easy-click way.

Improve Response time

TeroTAM’s CMMS gives you every detail of each task with its real-time tracking facility. Even you can chat and share related documents with your team with the same platform to be prompt in action. It helps you improve your response time to any task or any situation that needs an immediate response.

Implement the preventive maintenance

With well developed CMMS software of TeroTAM, you can schedule the maintenance of all your assets and facilities in advance before it needs maintenance. This preventive maintenance can help you keep your assets and facilities perform at their best for a longer period and reduce your costs too.

Reduce the Downtime

TeroTAM’s CMMS platform gives you real-time information of any issue happening with any of your assets; you can manage and track any complaint in real-time and get it solved at the earliest to reduce the downtime as much as possible.

Boost team’s Efficiency

Through well-planned task management and its proper analysis with reports, you can check your team’s performance and help them to improve where they lack. With proper task management, you can delegate the right task to the right employee with the right directions and keep them updated through a centralized communication system and track their progress inch by inch to gear up their efficiency.

Moment to Conclude

In today’s digital world, every business needs to improve, especially when you share experiences with your customer as your service. Their prompt update about their experiences on different social media platforms can harm your brand if you fail to give them a better experience every time. This competitive world also gives them many options to shift to another provider immediately and lose your clientele by a single mistake. To avoid such mishappening, you must upkeep your Hotel business every day with proper maintenance and management with smart technological tools like CMMS software, as we discussed above.

To know more about how TeroTAM’s CMMS software can empower your Hotel business, contact our experts today at contact@terotam.com and book your demo now.

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