Every industry around the globe needs to be run efficiently to maintain its existence and profitability. Both of these are quite related and dependent on how they’ve been managed. Oil and Gas is an industry which provides a key essential to so many other businesses like, Textile, Energy, Household, etc., All these sectors are having a high level of dependency on Oil and Gas to keep their production ongoing.

Think what if an Oil and Gas business meets an unplanned downtime? What if an accident causes disturbance in deliverables to their clients?

There are so many Ifs and Buts we can list and the occurrence of such can result in a negative impact on so many other businesses. That’s the reason Oil and Gas is a business where Accurate Management and Maintenance is the key to success. That is where it needs CMMS (Computerized Management and Maintenance System).

“Computerized Maintenance Management System aka CMMS is a software which takes care and stores all the information related to the assets and their usage and conditions automatically to help the organization to allocate and manage smooth workflow and unplanned downtime.”

5 Common Maintenance Challenges faced by Oil and Gas Industry

Unplanned Downtime:

One of the biggest challenges that the Oil and Gas industry can not afford is Unplanned downtime. The category of product which this industry delivers is something that demands uninterrupted supply. Unplanned downtime on machinery can’t be affordable. Poor maintenance management can cause this anytime.

Centralized management of several systems Manually:

An Industry like Oil and Gas is such a big industry to manage where more than one system needs to be managed at a time. Looking at all the systems at the same time is not possible manually. A miss of any one of them is quite possible. Centralized management of all of them is not possible traditionally.

Assignment of Work orders with improved workflow:

Oil and Gas is an industry where so many people in so many departments are working and having their own set of responsibilities. Assigning work orders to each of them errorlessly is something that can not be possible. Hence the workflow suffers most of the time.

Realtime updates on multiple tasks and tools to perform the Job:

Without any systematic software, getting real-time updates on each and every task performed in the organization is next to impossible. Event management will not be able to assess which asset or tool is performing the desired job in an expected manner.

Reports and other Preparation related to Audits:

Along with all these cumbersome activities, tedious paperwork is something near too horrible to the management. But if that is not managed properly it can be more horrible during audits. Management needs an automatic system that delivers all desired customer reports.

How can TeroTAM’s CMMS software be a Saviour?

There are multiple benefits of using CMMS software for the Oil and Gas industry. Let’s discuss.

Well Planned Maintenance to Avoid Unplanned Downtime:

With CMMS timely and scheduled maintenance can be planned and executed without any delay. Also, the CMMS software can easily track the assets, their conditions, and their maintenance which can be a one-stop solution for any unplanned downtime.

Single Dashboard to manage all the Asset management and maintenance systems:

CMMS comes with a solution where a Single dashboard software can monitor more than one system at a time that too in realtime and keep updating the management about each and every system.

Wise Delegation of Work orders to streamline the Workflow:

Automatic assignment of work orders with an error-free process through CMMS software gives the organization an improved workflow followed by improved performance.

Accurate and Timely Asset and Equipment Management:

With continuous tracking and updates through the real-time status of the assets and equipment, accurate Asset management can be possible with the implementation of a CMMS software

Well Maintained Safety and avoidance of Compliance issues:

An industry like Oil and Gas is so risky and hazardous that accidents are quite possible if proper safety is not being applied. Well planned maintenance of assets through CMMS software brings chances of accidents almost near to nill which increases the safety in the organization. Also, it helps to avoid any compliance issues according to industry norms.

Inch by Inch tracking of Assets and their performance criteria:

With its continuous and real-time tracking of assets, it can deliver all the real-time updates on the tasks and tools deployed to work.

Real-time monitoring and detailed customize Reports:

With the Real-time and customized report management will be able to generate reports with few clicks also the way they wanted to customize. That makes their audit smooth and easy.

Summing it Up:

An industry like Oil & Gas can’t even afford the downtime that is not known to the management. What they need is a Computerized maintenance management system that can help them to keep all the challenges away that are discussed above, and keep the organization updated with every single piece of information which is crucial for Well managed and well-performing organizations.

To know more about TeroTAM’s CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Service) software, call us now on +91 93281 35112 or Drop an email at contact@terotam.com to speak with our team of experts

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