One of the most critical factors for any of the businesses involved with asset-based industries, manufacturing or property management is the maintenance of assets. The issue is that rarely do the small businesses have a significant budget that can help them to get the best solutions. People often end up wasting a lot of time and money just so that they can complete their daily tasks and orders.

Being the maintenance manager of a company, there is a need for making a wise investment by having right technology by your side. By using interesting CMMS Software that will help with initiating and growing the business as it optimizes the operations, which can help in a faster and cheaper way for completing the maintenance tasks.

The CMMS software can helps vendors to have been able to make all of this assignment with efficiency. And this information comes from the recent data that thousands of buyers that call for software advice provides giving clarity on the features that needed for all growth levels.

What is CMMS Software and why Should it be Used?

In the 1960s the CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) had been created for handling work orders as just a punch card system. But over fifty years, it has managed to come a long way. In the present times, CMMS software is being used for keeping a centralized record of equipment and assets. So one can say that it helps with Business Assets management for team responsibilities and also schedule and keep track of maintenance tasks.
It helps the maintenance manager to keep detailed records of the work that has been completed before.

CMMS evolution towards being cloud-based has provided a multi-tenant answer and made it much easier for the maintenance manager for harnessing the control for digital transformation. It is one of the best practices that the top maintenance organizations must follow. It has a huge impact on work efficiency, and the main point is that industries that are maintenance intensive cannot overlook its requirement.

Features of CMMS Software must Adopt by Maintenance Managers

Here are some of the main features of CMMS software that will help the maintenance managers:

Send Work Orders to Vendor / Employee

The maintenance managers can choose the asset or equipment that has an issue. They have to describe the hitch and assign it to the specific employee or vendor to fix the work. This can be carried forward by mobile application or through the web-based version of TeroTAM for both customer and vendor. After an issue is fixed the responsible team member can mark the work order as completed. The manager instantly gets notified about the completion of the task.

Real-Time Communication with Web and Mobile App-Based Support:

In case if you are working with an organization that has still not started working with the smartphone devices for the daily workflow. TeroTAM has the facility to perform all task by using a web-based portal. There is absolutely no point in gaining access to all the vital information only while you are sitting behind the desktop.

The best ability is being able to track the entire work progress at any time and any place. This can be entirely utilized with a CMMS Software TeroTAM that has Web-based & mobile app support for iOS and Android.

One can have effective communication in real-time when you are not being restricted from an office space. This skyrockets productivity and also helps in keeping tabs on the present progress of the entire team as well.

Equipment or Machine Breakdown Complaint & Reports

All of the information related to Asset management, equipment breakdown complaints are synced as soon as they placed. It also keeps the work orders updated according to the inventory. So in case, there is a need for any missing spare parts, the managers will be informed as soon as they can. There are also reports created so that any information loop can be closed while a complaint is being placed. This makes sure that solutions can be provided sooner, saving so much of the time.

Statistics for Management Team

The best CMMS software can generate statistics and various analytic reports quickly. These are made for better management and as per the data that has been given by authorized personnel. This information and data become a part of the system database that can identify any issues and generates alerts for the maintenance manager.

This system will be able to provide an easy for printing, converting and extracting reports that are great for fast analysis in the form of graphs that can be easily understood. This helps the maintenance managers with identifying the problems and accordingly taking the required steps. It will help the company by saving a lot of valuable time as well as money.

Work Order Price Card Management

For the price card management and forecasting the budget, these tools are of immense help. In case there is a need for accessing the history of a certain asset and traction history, all of the information is available. And as per the investment made the price card management can be done, as all of the financial information is kept updated.

Multiple Customer Management

The work of maintenance managers becomes complicated when numerous customers need to handle at a time. Our CMMS software TeroTAM provides you with a facility for adding new customers. Vendor and employee that can manage tracks all of the work orders, and the deadlines for each. The managers are easily able to assign work to the team accordingly as the software provides specific options for such scenarios. You will be able to observe if the schedule is fairly made, and whenever needed, a quick reassigning can be done.

Final Thoughts

As a Leading CMMS software provider TeroTAM can be easily adapted by the maintenance managers in affordable rate. It provides flexibility and encourages innovation that sets your business apart from anybody else in the field. For any business, their clients are the key, their requirements are essential, and one needs to take care of the issues they have. Complaint Management Software helps with attaining that with ease.

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