We want to avoid downtime in every sector as it comes with many consequences and getting down productivity. But can we even imagine what will happen if there is a downtime in the municipality and other relevant government institutes which manage and maintain public utilities?

Any municipality that experiences downtime is merely expecting a high level of civil risks.

If services come to a halt because people or machinery are idle, the risk of rioting or civil disturbance increases as people demand service delivery. Burst water pipes, spilling sewerage, and other health hazards can all be caused by a lack of a productive municipality. To counteract this, an effective and transportable CMMS solution is required.

Why is CMMS software needed for Government and Municipality Maintenance?

For any municipality, a CMMS system gives an innovative method to resolving maintenance difficulties. Municipal maintenance managers may maintain track of their maintenance teams, work requests completed by technicians, and pending work orders using its mobile maintenance app. CMMS allows users to interact and increase communication in addition to providing a beneficial tool for improving workflow and reducing downtime. This collaboration leads to better project planning and resource allocation.

Benefits TeroTAM CMMS Software for the Municipality Maintenance Department?

  • Pre-planned Work Schedules
  • Future Insights of Maintenance Needs
  • Reduced Waste of Time and Energy
  • Reduced Overtime cost
  • Efficient Resource allocation
  • Improved Service Delivery
  • Asset and Inventory Tracking
  • Handy access with Smartphone
  • Easy Complaint Ticket Management

Having a well-planned maintenance work schedule in the palm of their hands saves time for municipal maintenance crews, and having a vision of the repair work allows for better planning and preparation. Overtime will be greatly reduced as a result of increased production and reduced time waste.

When all of these advantages are considered, a municipality’s allocated resources are used more efficiently, resulting in cost savings, improved service delivery, and, eventually, municipal growth. Additionally, TeroTAM CMMS aids a municipal maintenance manager in keeping track of assets and inventory.

All municipal assets can be seen simply on a smartphone using the asset management option, allowing the manager to plan maintenance using the maintenance ticketing system. Inventory management software enables the manager to keep track of parts-related expenses, allowing for more efficient management and transparency.

Top 7 Features that improve Government Institute and Municipality Maintenance

1. Well-Planned Work Schedules

Municipalities and other government institutions typically deal with a large number of facilities, which can be challenging to manage manually. To deal with such a large number of facilities, the maintenance department of such institutions handles several work orders. If such work orders are not properly managed, mayhem can ensue. TeroTAM’s CMMS platform provides a computerized database of work orders, allowing users to delegate, schedule, prioritize, and track work orders via a centralized cloud-based platform with a simple click solution.

2. Asset and Inventory cost Tracking

In government institutes, tracking costs of any kind is difficult. The majority of maintenance costs, on the other hand, are pretty predictable. Even a low-cost CMMS is far more capable than a spreadsheet or binder of keeping track of all these frequent charges in its central database.

3. Preventive Maintenance

Emergencies are expensive. It’s no surprise that assets that are well-maintained live longer. Longer life cycles lead to huge cost savings when it comes to assets like police, fire, and public works equipment. Preventive maintenance is critical for municipal and county governments to get the most out of their assets. Emergencies are expensive. Preventive maintenance that is planned ahead of time decreases the danger of having to react to infrastructure that requires immediate attention. This is also true for the majority of other sorts of maintenance.

4. Effective Complaint Management

Managing a whole community is very difficult and to hear every raised voice is very difficult. Managing and monitoring complaints are indeed extremely tough when they are written on paper or come from multiple sources. Our CMMS software provides you with Complaint Management Software that automates all of these processes. As a result, client complaints are resolved in the most secure manner possible.

5. Smartly Designed Dashboard

Another useful feature is the TeroTAM dashboard, which displays real-time data on assets as well as a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) in the form of easy-to-read charts and graphs. The total cost of repairs by asset, kind of asset, department, project, cost center, failure analysis, most expensive assets to maintain, and work orders fulfilled on time are just a few examples.

6. Accurate Reporting of Data

The ability of departments to efficiently communicate vital facts to higher management, such as asset conditions and expenses, is critical. This enables educated decision-making, allowing local governments to prosper. Pre-built reports and graphs are available in TeroTAM CMMS software, and customers can build customized reports to meet their individual needs.

7. Compliance Management

Compliance with regulatory requirements is another issue that many city and county governments encounter. Local government organizations can use a CMMS to swiftly provide reports that are required by outside regulations. A city municipality, for example, uses CMMS to meet the obligations that come with state grant funds. The Finance Director can produce accurate reports on the number of budgeted expenditures and track specific spending categories. When claims are filed, the city can use the historical data stored in the CMMS to offer maintenance records to their insurance company. CMMS aids city management in staying organized, adhering to budgeting guidelines, and maintaining detailed records required by outside agencies.

Ending Moments

TeroTAM is a Cloud-based CMMS software, created with the mobile and busy manager in mind. A municipal maintenance manager can focus on future initiatives with all important data on their smartphone, as everyone will want to move to a working and efficient municipality. To know more, schedule your demo with our experts at contact@terotam.com and get started today.


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