Every business owner or manager worldwide has their own set of challenges they should get the solution to. But for most of them, there are few areas of concern in common that they need to deal with regularly or need a long-term permanent solution. If we start counting those challenges, we have to discuss a lot but let’s discuss the most frequently faced challenge by everyone. The challenge is called Task management of their respective teams.

Task management itself is a challenge; if solved, it will automatically achieve many other solutions like Time management, Task tracking, Performance analysis, Improved efficiency of the team, Timely achievement of Goals, etc.

We at TeroTAM aimed to develop our CMMS software, which is feature-rich with Task management solutions.

What is Task Management Software?

A Task management software is a commonly used solution by business owners or managers to manage and organize their respective teams and keep them organized to achieve a common business goal promptly.

A Task management tool is your handy solution to Assign, Prioritize, Schedule, Track, Organize and Analysis the specific and routine task to manage the well-maintained workflow and Stay organized. A Task management solution helps you keep your business tasks aligned to your short-term and long-term goals and avoid wastage of resources and time.

Why is Task Management Software a Must for a Business?

It’s frequently noticed that most managers have raised their voice from the rooftop that a well-designed and easy-to-operate task management app or software. It is the key to keeping their team aligned with the task’s timeline and making them more efficient with their time management.

A Carefully selected Task management tool gives the team leaders an eagle eye on each department and team member working with him to accomplish the team objectives.

TeroTAM’s Task Management Solution helps people,

  • Plan and Prioritize the Tasks needed to complete
  • Stay organized throughout during goal accomplishment
  • Organize Team members and resources in the best of their manners
  • Reduces Waste
  • Meet the Deadline
  • Maintain a Well-defined Control mechanism

How TeroTAM’s Task Management Software can help you maximize the performance?

On a day-to-day basis, there are multiple things that a team leader needs to manage to keep their teams efficient and maximize their performance. He needs to perform several tasks that as an outcome results in increased efficiency. TeroTAM’s task management tool can help them perform almost each of those tasks from a single cloud-based dashboard.

Let’s discuss a few of them here.

Helps you implement Role management within the organization

Most of the time efficiency is affected due to the unawareness of employees, what they need to perform within the organization. Their role within the organization, especially in the team they belong to.

With TeroTAM’s task management solution a team leader can create different roles for his team members. He can create different tags for the departments their role belongs to. They can even differentiate the tags by assigning different colors.

Makes the Task Scheduling easier

It has been observed widely that employees or team members whose productivity is low are mostly confused when they start what they are supposed to do. In reality, they should know their schedule in advance on a daily and weekly basis, even on a Monthly basis too in some cases.

TeroTAM’s task management tool offers the features where team managers can Create Tasks for their team members and also schedule their tasks based on urgency, dates on which they are supposed to complete those tasks.

Set Alerts for the upcoming tasks

Most people delay their task completion because they don’t know that some tasks are scheduled at some specific time. This is not a sign of avoidance. Sometimes, employees are overloaded with lots of work or have been involved a lot in one task; they may miss the time they have been allotted on some specific time or assigned to them. Timely alerts can be a savior in such situations.

TeroTAM’s Task management solution has a feature where the manager or employee can assign tasks and set alerts on them before they are due. Like 15minutes, 30minutes, etc. Pre-alert can be helpful to the person to get prepared for upcoming tasks to perform better on it.

Keeps your team updated with Task Priorities and Deadlines

An efficient team with a high level of performance is always aware of and meets their task priorities and deadlines. Meeting deadlines on a needed priority basis is the key to customer satisfaction.

The user of TeroTAM’s task management app can see their task in three categories: Upcoming, completed, and pending.

They can also see which task has the priority and what the deadline is to complete that task. Based on this information, they can plan their task and day accordingly.

Centralized Communication process

An efficient team always stays connected and informed with all needed updates with the best-managed communication process. A platform where internal communication and document sharing is possible is the backbone of the Organized communication channel within the organization.

TeroTAM’s task management solution enables the team members to collaborate internally and document sharing as and when needed.

Easy Tracking to Task Status

Tracking the activities is the key to the controlling process to be performed by any manager in the organization. A proper tracking manager gets an idea of where and whom he needs to push hard to get the scheduled task done on a timely basis.

TeroTAM’s task management feature helps managers track the Pending tasks and accordingly, they can follow up with their teammates to get it done.

Notifies Team members of Overdue Tasks

TeroTAM’s task management tool notifies the relevant employees with the task assigned to them that are overdue. This can help them understand where they are lacking and what they are supposed to do to complete the tasks on deadlines.

Enables you with Digital workplace

With Cloud-based Platform availability, TeroTAM offers a Centralized Digital workplace where an organization can manage their tasks and their tracking and controlling process and much more than that.

Improve Business Reports for Performance analysis

Different types of Reports and Analytics, TeroTAM’s Task management software gear up the controlling activities and make the controller available with all the information needed to take the right corrective measures to remove deviations in performance.

Choosing the right Task Management Tool with TeroTAM

Things to Consider while selecting Task management tool

  • What types of tasks are you supposed to manage?
  • Size of Team to be managed
  • A requirement for Remote accessibility
  • Better Data analysis and Communication ease
  • What kind of integration do you need?

Summing it up

Any tool that an organization uses, if not, helps them achieve their objective on a timely basis; even the best of the best tools is useless. With TeroTAM’s Task management software, your task management activities will not only focus on getting things done but getting them done at the right time and in the proper manner as it was planned and promised. To know more schedule a demo with our team of experts now.

Posted On Jul 07, 2022 | by Amish Barot
Regardless of the nature or size of the organization, task prioritizing is essential. A corporation typically has several projects going at ...