TeroTAM Techlabs Pvt. Ltd pridefully announces the launch of IoT based Energy Tracking Meter
TeroTAM Techlabs Pvt. Ltd presents advanced Energy Tracking solution with IoT based Energy Meter

GUJARAT, Ahmedabad: TeroTAM Techlabs Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading CMMS software providers, announces the contemporary energy tracking solution with their IoT based Energy meter device that helps organizations to plan and implement Energy tracking with more accuracy and effectiveness to control the usage and avoid unnecessary wastage of energy sources. With the visionary leadership and diligent technical team, TeroTAM brings the innovation that will not only modernize energy handling and tracking but also will tactfully help to reduce and save energy costs.

With a growing demand for Energy utilization and increasing scarcity of Energy sources, TeroTAM identified further the need of an advanced and smarter tracking solution that not only keep a strict eye on the consumption but also helps you track it at every spot it is being used with a well-designed tracking solution that is easy to operate and produces accurate data and backbone the real-time analytical activity.

After industrious efforts and knee-deep work dedication of their innovative think-tank, TeroTAM has designed the Next-generation solution i.e., IoT based Energy Tracking Meter

Features of TeroTAM’s IoT based Energy Tracking Meter

  • 1200 KWH Energy load handling
  • Two Connectivity options with WiFi and SIM
  • Real-time data monitoring of Energy units used at a specific spot or location
  • Analytical Decisions and Control mechanism with robust Data management
  • Improvised Process control and Resource management
  • Well planned Predictive Maintenance with live tracking of Energy sources

About TeroTAM: TeroTAM is a Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) that monitors, maintains, and controls high-value assets by utilising advanced analytics to improve performance and extend asset life cycles. TeroTAM also provides a variety of other services, such as asset monitoring, complaint tracking and management, facility management, task management with smart tracking, and internal communication with high-end features like QR code scanning and digital signature.

Originally Published:https://www.prlog.org/12897868-terotam-techlabs-pvt-ltd-pridefully-announces-the-launch-of-iot-based-energy-tracking-meter.html