The automated monitoring of remote locations and power-consuming devices is becoming increasingly popular in almost all industries to know and understand the electric power utility pattern and revise and modify it better. Energy Tracking Meter helps to let you know the power consumption for each device with statistical data with the tracking history.

In the electric power utility sector, automated monitoring of power consumption devices and the consumption pattern is becoming increasingly common and necessary too. ETM (energy tracking meter) helps alert the users to save power consumption when machines or assets are not in use. It can calculate the power consumption even on holidays to compare bills with working days.

CMMS Software – It’s a growing technology in Energy Tracking Solutions

Over the period 2021-2025, the value of CMMS software in the energy industry is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 11.8 percent. As a result, the use of CMMS systems has a huge impact on making the energy sector better and more advanced. Sensors have made it easier with simplified applications and have remote control over energy use patterns. Data management can help centralize the data in the webserver to instantly access the analytics and bills history. by using agile work development driving the expansion of CMMS software in the smart solutions

The use of CMMS software aids to overcome modern issues and allows management to evolve through all concerns that may arise. In the power utilities and energy consumption, CMMS Energy Tracking solutions are focused on increasing asset and industrial efficiency, increasing income production and maximizing resource consumption by collecting more reliable power consumption data

Using CMMS software to transform the energy sector is an innovative technique to encourage greater productivity and recognize consumption trends to reduce excessive energy usage. Let’s look at the benefits of using a CMMS software solution in the energy business.

CMMS as Ultimate Energy Tracking System – Smart Solution for all your Business using ETM CMMS


Process Control and Resource Management

In a power plant, using a CMMS software system powered by sensor devices allows for the automated execution of procedures and the provision of superior, mainly error-free services. CMMS software is a clever idea that also protects against the overuse of resources and aids in uniformity. It enables smart process monitoring, which provides every element of the plant’s process as data. The data is transformed into useful information and saved on a cloud platform for easy access. A Smart CMMS solution also allows for real-time quality monitoring, which aids in detecting process nonconformities.

Predictive Maintenance – Keeping Outages at Bay

A long-standing interest in CMMS and the enabling technology that provides a cost-effective way to make remote inspection more accessible has existed. With the maturation and integration of technologies such as edge processing, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and predictive analytics, utilities can now gather and process information in fine detail to help them predict when failures will occur so that repairs and maintenance can be performed. Predictive maintenance performed on time can prevent not only the loss of a valuable asset but also interruptions that harm industrial customers and the general public, resulting in cascading economic losses.

Real-Time Asset Tracking and Monitoring – An Eagle Eye on Energy Operating Cost

An organization can assess the asset’s true running expenses by monitoring energy usage and taking action (notifying maintenance and operations) when energy consumption exceeds the specs rating.

Robust Real-Time Analytics

The power industry’s sensor-based operation is ushering in a revolution. It employs modern procedures to meet corporate needs and produce high-quality output. Industrialists are reaping the benefits of advanced analytics in their operations. It extracts information from assets using sensor-enabled data and makes better decisions than before. The electricity sector can benefit from data analytics to improve generation and planning. When analytics is used with smart metering, it can help foresee precise consumption patterns, which can then be utilized to regulate demand and supply. As a result, it decreases energy waste and reduces wasteful energy usage.

New Possibilities


The use of CMMS software opens up new business opportunities and introduces more complex concepts. It consists of sensor devices, gateway connectivity, and communication protocols that come together to provide an architecture for a variety of enterprises. CMMS software technology can be used to gain corporate advantages and provide smart strategies for increased production and growth. CMMS software is also a cutting-edge technology that enables organizations through real-time monitoring, smart data management, and analytics.

Data management and cost-cutting

Aa CMMS solution is an advanced process in the energy sector that combines consumption pattern planning and energy management across many domains. It enables managers to take complete control of energy data from the ground up and dramatically improve the process. CMMS software solution- sensor-based approaches are used to establish the industry’s automated functioning in the energy sector. With real-time data management and analytical decision-making, the industry has reaped the greatest benefits. As a result, it makes every piece of data count by securely storing it on the cloud platform and providing effective data management.


Through a cloud-based and IoT-powered CMMS system, all assets have been made to communicate with one another. The energy sector is a primary driver of responsibility in terms of finding cost-effective methods to address environmental challenges. Additionally, CMMS software allows for automated maintenance and reporting, smart grid optimization, renewable energy generation, and real-time carbon consumption measurement. As a result of its sophisticated tactics, technology is enabling sustainability throughout the industrial world, allowing managers to make educated decisions for improved corporate success.


Asset management capabilities that maximize the availability, performance and quality of assets and their energy usage are required to be competitive in a continually changing market. Asset sustainability that focuses on energy efficiency is becoming a primary goal for many organizations in areas like chemicals, paper, iron and steel, petroleum, transportation, and healthcare to improve operational, financial, and environmental health.

CMMS software systems provide solutions that combine the global asset sustainability index to evaluate individual asset health throughout the company, which uses four components – availability, performance, quality, and energy efficiency. To know more about how CMMS software can help you streamline the efficiency of the Energy tracking systems, connect with our experts at and get started today!

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