An Educational Institute is involved in many day-to-day and recurring activities to perform their tasks. These activities involve lots of Assets, Inventories, workflows, requests, processes. Other than Tangible and Intangible items, it involves managing various and large numbers of people, including students, Teaching and Non-teaching staff, Parents, Visitors, Suppliers, etc. Working on so many things is very much normal but not easy enough if a proper system is not developed for the same. There must be a solution that helps to manage all these activities and parties at once and satisfactorily and in a productive manner. The solution is CMMS software.

Not aware of what CMMS software is? Let’s take a look.

What is CMMS Software?

A CMMS software is a computerized mechanism developed to systematize and streamline the routine organization activities, maintain and manage all the assets involved in business operations and handle all the requests, inquiries, feedback and complaints with easy tracking to enhance productivity efficiently.

Professionals use CMMS software to;

  • Plan and Schedule Tasks,
  • Manage Human and Non-human Assets,
  • Improve Maintenance of organizational facilities,
  • Uniformity of operations

When used to the maximum, it prolongs the life of the equipment, reduces general costs and increases the reliability and productivity of the assets. There are endless benefits of using CMMS software for each industry wherever it is utilized.

Why CMMS software for Schools and Colleges & University?

Educational Institutes need to manage multiple things simultaneously to be efficient and effective in their day-to-day activities. There are multiple parties and assets they need to manage and maintain, which is quite difficult in a traditional way. Doing this on Paper and with standard Excel sheets calls for a high chance of making mistakes. Here, the institute needs some tools to manage everything easily, still the way it is required and more organized. CMMS software is the tool that can do all these things, whether it’s school or college or any other educational institute.

There are a number of benefits of using CMMS software. Let’s discuss in detail;

“Facilities and Assets are the primary factors of any Education Institute’s Value chain. But their Planned and time to time maintenance using a feature-rich CMMS Software keep doing constant value addition in it.”

Benefits of using CMMS software for an Education Institutes

Reinforce Safety for Students

Safety is always a primary concern for educational institutions, especially for Schools where small kids are present. Their In and out and their day-to-day safety is a big cause of worry for school management always. To ensure all the safety tools must be intact and must do their maintenance on a timely basis, they are available and work at their best capacity when needed.

CMMS software helps to maintain all classrooms, computer labs, laboratories, library, auditorium, administrative offices, server rooms, fitness rooms to make their use at full capacity. CMMS software can make sure any scheduled maintenance is not missed out.

Safety for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

In day-to-day Teaching and Administration tasks, the staff uses multiple tools and equipment that can be a risk for them if not managed and maintained correctly. Most educational institutes nowadays are equipped with the latest technology where projectors and computers are being used for teaching. All these facilities must be maintained, so any short circuit doesn’t happen, and we can avoid unwanted accidents. Many institutes provide pick up and drop service for students and staff especially. These vehicles should be maintained on a regular basis.

A CMMS solution can help you track and schedule all required maintenance of such equipment also, with it concerned department can also raise complaints if the administrative department can track any with such equipment and get it solved in the desired time.

Streamlined Work orders

Schools, Colleges, and Universities usually deal with many facilities, and managing them individually is very difficult. Such institutions’ maintenance department takes care of multiple work orders to handle these big numbers of facilities. If such work orders are not managed properly can create chaos.

TeroTAM’s CMMS platform offers you the computerized database of work orders; users can delegate, schedule, prioritize and track the work orders through a centralized cloud-based platform with an easy click solution.

Productivity Multiplier

Educational institutes usually deal with huge paperwork daily, and that’s where most of their time gets consumed. The actual time they should spend on their productive tasks can make them more competitive and advance by eating such paperwork tasks. If the staff and students work in a more advanced and well-maintained environment, staff and students will be well equipped to manage their tasks at their best of productivity.

A CMMS software can eliminate all the bottlenecks of tedious and unwanted paperwork and reduce the time spent on such tasks, which alternatively can be used on more productive work. Such software makes their repetitive work easy and can streamline every workflow to level up their performance.

Enhanced Life Cycle of Assets

Well-planned and executed maintenance of assets and facilities regularly guarantees the long life of respective facilities and equipment. Each asset in the organization needs regular attention to take the maximum return out of it. Well, a scheduled maintenance routine is equal to well-planned preventive maintenance.

CMMS software is a perfect solution in such cases where you can maintain all your database and create and implement well-designed maintenance activities. It ultimately adds a good number of years in the Asset life cycle.



Stay Compliant with Regulatory standards

Schools and colleges have their own set of rules and regulations that need to be followed, governed by different universities, regulatory bodies, and authorities. To stay compliant with all these regulations, they are supposed to maintain many files, records, and documents. There are many staff members, outside authorities involved in such tasks. Managing these many records physically and stakeholders at the same time is a challenging task.

But with a feature-rich CMMS tool, they can manage all the files and records on a centralized cloud platform. Cloud storage is much better, safe, and easy than Physical storage of all files and documents. It also makes it very easy to share with all needed people through the same platform. Cloud storage of such with CMMS platform is not only cheaper but easy to access. If such institutes have a presence at multiple locations with centralized management, anyone can access any file or information from anywhere, anytime they need.

What does TeroTAM’s CMMS software offer you?

Asset Management

TeroTAM’s CMMS offers you easy yet effective Asset management solutions with a click easy way through its well-designed platform. All your Assets can be easily managed, tracked, and handled to enjoy a longer life span. It helps you take out the maximum return on investment you have made on your assets.

Facility Management

With a well-designed platform, TeroTAM CMMS can manage and upkeep all your facilities. It makes sure that the facilities you need to use should be in their best of conditions at any given time.

Scheduled Maintenance

As each Asset and Facility can only perform better only if they are well maintained. With TeroTAM, you can schedule the maintenance activities that need to be performed regularly and help you keep updated on their schedule, track maintenance activity, and detailed record keeping.

Centralized Pool of Information

Without the right information, at the right time with the right person, an institute cannot expect Well managed Institutes. TeroTAM’s CMMS platform creates a centralized pool of communication with its cloud-based infrastructure to access it from anywhere, as and when needed.



Bottom line

Whether it’s a school or college or university, an Educational institute runs its operations at a single location or multiple locations. It is all about the different Assets and Facilities they provide and how they manage these assets and facilities to perform their best and deliver the best of their value. But only creating or providing them is not the solution. Their scheduled maintenance keeps them performing for a longer period and makes a remarkable value addition to customer satisfaction.

A CMMS software with all demanding features loaded in it, like TeroTAM must be an obvious choice. To know more, it can enhance the performance of your education institute contact us today at

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