TeroTAM helps your business in several ways, one of which remains the gathering of all the client complaints and issues. Then after properly categorizing these complaints regarding business assets and maintenance which assign them accordingly and making sure that they are being tracked for resolving. This makes the clients happy as they have prompt responses and you as the business owner can so much of your time and effort as all of the issue solving is done in a streamlined manner. There won’t be any struggles related to having a cluttered inbox that just has issue mails from the customers.

What is Complaint & Issue Tracking Management Solutions?

One of the most inevitable parts of any type of business is maintenance & equipment. For the management of this Issue Tracking Solutions are needed that can maintain the regulations and varied standards. It is a fact that management and tracking of the client complaint are very difficult when they have been written on paper or there are several sources that they are being received from.

TeroTAM provides you with Complaint Management Software that will be streamlining all of these procedures in an electronic manner. Therefore the client complains get resolved most securely and the team that is not authorized for the access won’t be able to see them.

How is Issue Tracking management software work?

There is some unique process eligible with TeroTAM for Issue Tracking Management Solutions. Here we discuss the working of the software:

  • Create a complaint or issue and assign to a vendor or service provider

TeroTAM will help you to understand the specific department that the issue needs to be taken to and assigning the service provider or the vendor accordingly. This will provide all of the assigned tasks, making ideas, etc on one page. This removes any kind of miscommunication between departments and this helps wastage of time.

  • Assign Work order to Internal or External Team

Your team will be able to open/assign and view the issues, then as per the requirements, these can be assigned to the internal or external teams. All of the replies and complaint inflow can be viewed on-screen as well. With the assistance of TeroTAM, you will also be able to create the specific roles for the staff and even make the permissions for each team with a choice of enabling and disabling easily.

This is of immense help as there will not be any probability of forwarding the resolvent of any issue to the team that won’t be coming under that specific skill set requirement.

  • The issue with comment options for a quick update

The business also needs to be able to track the status by the service provider that has been raising complaints. So when they want to add some comments to their problem they can do so with ease. This will allow you to provide them with a personalized service experience.

TeroTAM will be keeping all of the information in one place so that if the client adds any comment you will get the update and act quickly for supporting the client.

  • For a better idea regarding complaint Image upload option

If the customer has any problems related to the product or service that vendor offer, the customer can upload an image related to damage to machinery or equipment. This will help the assigned team to get a clear view of the actual problem. It also makes the customer’s explanation way easier and the solution can be provided in a much faster manner as you will have the necessary information.

  • Get real-time Complaint Tracking

TeroTAM is extremely easy to use and works as a Complaint Management Software that will make your work of providing client support convenient. Both the customer and the team will be able to check the updates regarding the ongoing solution and status. Organization in this manner is better and you could be assured that response is being given to the right person, everything is being tracked well and a faster response is provided.

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

For helping you to understand the trends for complaints and the number of issues that are coming in, TeroTAM provides you complete reports. This will help you as the business owner to be able to overview the analytics with reports.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

You will also be able to track the specific areas that need improvement, have an understanding of their performances and continue with the operations that can do the needful.

Benefits of having Complaint management software in your business.

Here we have for you the number of benefits for having CMMS Software that can be helpful for your business:
Better communication with the clients and complaint acknowledgment:

When a customer has a complaint, they need to know if they are being heard. In case these issues are lost due to some reason, obviously, they cannot be resolved. TeroTAM will help in setting up the acknowledgments in a better manner. This will make the client feel valued as the ongoing communication becomes effective and they will rely more on your services.

The complaint follow-ups

The specific team is assigned for resolving the issue. The complaints will have a date and time stamps on it. So in case, it’s not handled within a time frame it will get escalated automatically to managers. This makes sure that the team holds responsibility for timely work completion.


The entire information of the customer and the complaint can be a concern for some. But with good software, all of the confidential information being dealt with is kept secure. Access can be restricted and some of the information can even be locked if required.


As it must be clear from the blog above that having Business Assets management with Complaint and Issue tracking Solutions are important for any business to thrive and maximize their profits.

TeroTAM is one such software that will be helping you with all of this work without any issues. So without wasting any further time, Signup with us right now and start using our CMMS Software Solution, to see for yourself how beneficial it’s for your business and makes your work easier.


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